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Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship is assuming the risks to transform ideas 
into sustainable enterprises that create value.

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What is MGT 472 Venture Creation?

Open to all JMU majors with senior-level standing

An immersion experience for students with an entrepreneurial interest to focus on the launch and first five years of business development. Transform a market opportunity into a viable business from conception to growth to harvest. Build a replicable business model that generates profits long-term.  Launch a business!

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn to think differently.
  2. Consider alternative career options.
  3. Gain exposure to the world of start-ups.
  4. Create high performance and winning teams.
  5. Create a viable plan for a fundamentally sound business.


  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • The Value Proposition
  • The Business Model
  • Capital Formation Strategy

Venture Teams

Students are interviewed and placed into venture teams of 3 to 4 individuals based on skill sets and interests and a mix of business to non-business majors. A seasoned entrepreneur and a Master of Accounting student, acting as the CPA, are assigned to each team.

Class Competition

Open to MGT 472 students' friends and families, prospective students, JMU faculty and class contributors (mentors, guest speakers, practitioners)

To apply for MGT 472, fill out this application, and e-mail the completed form to Carol Hamilton at


One of the major skills that I was able to take away from the class was the ability to think outside the box and process information without any formal instructions or rules to go by. Additionally it has taught me how to problem solve and then execute and actually carry out solutions. I want to thank you for bringing such a unique and valuable class to JMU.   

Kevin Dubs (JMU'09, VC F08) Program Analyst, General Services Administration (GSA)