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History, Vision, and Mission


Founded in July 1985 as an interdisciplinary unit of the College of Business of James Madison University, the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) creates and promotes academic, scholarly and experiential activities related to entrepreneurship, innovation and venture creation.  We engage students, faculty, alumni and the community through cutting-edge teaching practices, relevant scholarly research and creative collaboration.


Our vision in the Center for Entrepreneurship is to promote, foster, and perpetuate the American entrepreneurial tradition for undergraduates at JMU and to strengthen both the Virginia and national economies by encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation, and the creation of new enterprises.


Our mission is to become the leading undergraduate university in entrepreneurship education and the #1 Center for Entrepreneurship in the nation.  Our aim is to establish ourselves as a preeminent and widely respected entrepreneurship center and program, focused on teaching students to think differently, create new opportunities and viable enterprises, and be enlightened leaders in their communities.


  1. Foster a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and acting throughout the university community.
  2. Stimulate and facilitate the creation and launch of new ventures—both for-profit and nonprofit.
  3. Resource entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and creators, enabling them to progress their concepts to commercialization.
  4. Partner within the JMU ecosystem to build a collaborative culture that sparks creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship grounded in ethical, fundamentally sound decision making.