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CFE Faculty and Staff

CFE Faculty:

     Ms. Carol HamiltonDirector, Center for Entrepreneurship

     Dr. Fariss-Terry Mousa, Entrepreneurship Research

     Ms. Chris Roeder, Business Development (ICE & MadXLabs)

     Mr. John Rothenberger, Chair, Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

    Mr. Ron RubinLecturer, Department of Finance and Business Law

CFE Staff:

     Christopher D. Ashley, President (2015-2016), Society of Entrepreneurs

     Allie Hammond, Student Marketing Assistant

     Becca Longhenry, Administrative Assistant

CFE Faculty

Ms. Carol HamiltonCarol Hamilton

Office: ZSH 544
Phone: 540.568.3412 

Professor Hamilton holds an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from James Madison University, and a BS in Administrative Management from Clemson University. She has a wide variety of business-related experience upon which to draw, including: work in accounting and human resources for large, non-profit organizations; technical writing for a software company; and co-founding a microlending program for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham area.  Professor Hamilton began teaching at JMU in 2000, and co-founded the MGT 472 Venture Creation course, the first College of Business course open to all majors on campus, with John Rothenberger in 2005. She works to encourage collaboration between and amongst JMU students and entrepreneurial alumni.

Dr. Fariss MousaFariss Mousa
Entrepreneurship Research

Office:  ZSH 525

Fariss-Terry Mousa is the Zane Showker Professor of Entrepreneurship and an Associate Professor of Management in the College of Business at James Madison University. He received his PhD in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, 2009; from Washington State University. He also received an MBA, 2005; and a BA in International Business and Marketing, 2000; from Washington State University, College of Business. He researches, publishes, and lectures in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic management. He has published in a wide range of leading journals in the fields of entrepreneurship and strategy (e.g., Strategic Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Research, Management Decision, and International Small Business Journal), and other works such as business case studies. Previously he worked in a number of different industries from food and insurance to airplane manufacturing industry.

Dr. Mousa was the recipient of the 2016 College of Business Madison Scholar and the 2016 Provost's Distinguished Teacher Award for the College of Business awards. Read an interview with Dr. Mousa here.

Ms. Chris RoederChris Roeder
Business Development (ICE & MadXLabs)

Office: ZSH 627
Phone: 540.568.3143

Professor Roeder received her MBA at JMU. Her professional interests include entrepreneurship and consulting for local businesses. In addition to her work with the CFE, she is the advisor for JMU’s chapter of the MGT honors society, Sigma Iota Epsilon. As the Manager and Founding member of Roeder Transport, L.C., and with experience in various fields such as the steel, car, restaurant industry, she brings valuable knowledge to the CFE. She also has an interest in real estate and real estate management, owning one company in this line of business and running another. Elon Musk and Tesla are her favorite entrepreneur and startup.

Mr. John RothenbergerJohn Rothenberger
Chair, Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

Office: N/A
Phone: (540) 568-3412 

John Rothenberger, founder and CEO of Strategic Enterprise Solutions Inc. (SE Solutions), is the first "Entrepreneur in Residence," interacting with JMU students and offering expert advice on venture creation. He regularly participates in a project-based course to coach high performance teams in creating viable business plans and has regular office hours on campus, giving students and faculty the opportunity to access his insight, experience and business counsel. "There is a great opportunity at JMU to foster untapped students who believe they may have entrepreneurial, small business and intrapreneural interests," he said. "I want to give the students access to someone like themselves who is there and knows what it takes to get there." One of John's goals is to teach students to think differently to give them a competitive edge in the job market. With more than 16 years of executive leadership experience, John is known for his ability to envision viable business ventures. He has founded two successful companies that have been leaders in the IT industry. SE Solutions works with the Department of Homeland Security to provide IT solutions that address the intelligence shortcomings identified by the 9/11 Commission.

Prior to starting SE Solutions, Rothenberger founded an IT company named Aspire Technology Group and served as its president from 1993 to early March 2000. Aspire was recognized with numerous growth awards including a 1998 "Forbes" magazine Inc. 500 (No. 334), 1998 Virginia Fantastic 50 (No. 4), a KPMG High-Tech Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and a 1994 Fairfax County New Business of the Year runner up.

Rothenberger graduated from JMU in 1988 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing. He is a member of the JMU Executive Advisory Council and serves as a regular judge for the College of Business' annual business plan competition. Rothenberger is also a University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business Fellow.

Mr. Ron RubinMr. Ron Rubin
Lecturer, Department of Finance and Business Law

Ron Rubin is a practiced business professional having over 35 years of experience. Having held management positions at firms such as DDR Enterprises, NTT-Verio, General DataComm, and V-Band Corporation, he has an excellent track record of success. Mr. Rubin’s consulting practice, DDR Enterprises, has successfully assisted small to medium sized businesses reach and exceed their goals and objectives including but not limited to obtaining funding, finding new markets, identifying new products and optimizing operations. Mr. Rubin is one of the founders of MNG Networking, a business networking organization with chapters throughout the New York Metropolitan area. He also has served on the Board of Directors of a number of early stage firms.

Mr. Rubin received his Bachelors of Science in business administration from the University of Tennessee. He worked on an MBA at Rensselaer-Hartford University with a focus in international business. Mr. Rubin received his Masters of Science in finance from Northeastern University.

CFE Staff

Chris AshleyChris Ashley
President, Society of Entrepreneurs

Christopher is from Goochland, Virginia, and has a passion for entrepreneurship.  He is the President of JMU’s Society of Entrepreneurs, one of 4 current University Innovation Fellows on campus, a member of Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Fraternity, and a Technology Assistant for 4-Virginia.  He is passionate about spreading innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across JMU’s campus, and is working to enhance that ecosystem at JMU.  Outside of school, he enjoys playing music and spending time outdoors.

Allie HammondAllie Hammond
Student Marketing Assistant

Allie’s favorite entrepreneur is her mother, due to the fact that she has phenomenal work ethic as well as a genuine and enthusiastic personality. These traits left her business very successful as well as providing her with a loyal customer base.

Becca LonghenryBecca Longhenry
Administrative Assistant

Becca Longhenry attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln, graduating in 2010 with a BM in violin performance, and James Madison University, where she graduated with a MM in violin performance in 2015. She has worked with successful musical entrepreneurs in Nebraska, Florida, and Virginia, including the proprietors of Fiddlestick Music, in Lincoln, NE; Mason's School of Music, Dance, and the Arts after School; and Beethoven & Company, both in Tallahassee, FL.