Our mission is to teach students to think differently, create new opportunities and viable enterprises, and be enlightened leaders in their communities.


The Center for Entrepreneurship promotes entrepreneurship on and off campus to empower individuals and transform lives. Housed in the College of Business, the Center coordinates entrepreneurial program components including a research agenda, curriculum and degrees, co-curricular student programs, interdisciplinary initiatives, and engagement with the entrepreneurial community. The Center supports interdisciplinary-nary programs within colleges and multidisciplinary collaborations across campus through active participation, marketing support, academic and entrepreneurial networks, and grant funding. 

Founded in July 1985 as an interdisciplinary unit of the College of Business of James Madison University, the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) creates and promotes academic, scholarly and experiential activities related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture creation. 

Principled Leadership

We believe that entrepreneurship leads to transformational change which requires visionary leadership and ethical, fundamentally sound management practices.

Business Viability

We encourage the exploration of entrepreneurship. We believe that interdisciplinary collaboration and sound business practices are critical to creating new opportunities and viable organizations.

Collaborative Network

We value the exchange of diverse views and experiences. We seek to foster a vibrant community of JMU students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are actively engaged in building healthy enterprises and growing economies where they work and live.

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