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Internship Information 

Internships can enhance your résumé and job prospects and, in some cases, can be taken for academic credit. Even though internship experiences are highly encouraged by each CoB department, internships are not a graduation requirement.  It is strongly recommend that students pursue an internship for a number of reasons:

  • An internship provides you with the opportunity to determine if your major is right for you.
  • An internship allows you to apply your classroom experiences to practical scenarios.
  • An internship can lead to an offer from a firm for an entry-level position after graduation.
  • An internship gives you practical experience when interviewing for entry-level positions.
  • An internship can build your confidence.
  • An internship for credit can act as an elective course to fulfill requirements for your major.

For more information on internship opportunities, contact the relevant program coordinator listed below.  Note:  Economics, Management and Marketing are the only CoB departments that award academic credit for internship experiences.  





Accounting (Graduate Only) Dr. Charles Baril 568-3092
Computer Information Systems Dr. Tom Dillon 568-3015
Economics Dr. Bruce Brunton 568-3211
Finance Dr. Hui Sono  568-6530
International Business Dr. Bob Jerome 568-3029
Management Mrs. Chris Roeder 568-3143
Marketing Dr. Eric Boyd 568-2721
Quantitative Finance Dr. Hui Sono  568-6530

How to Find an Internship

You have several avenues for finding an internship, including the following: