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BBA Core Courses

JMU offers a fully-accredited program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (B. B. A.) degree with a major in a specific field. The program is designed to prepare you for positions of leadership and responsibility in business and industry, governmental and nonprofit organizations, and graduate study.

B.B.A. majors must complete all 100- and 200-level core requirements and meet all of the admission criteria for the CoB to be eligible for junior-level business course work. Consequently, class schedules for the four-semester sequence covering the first and second years must be planned accordingly. You must complete the following lower-division courses prior to enrolling in 300-level courses:

  • COB 191. Business and Economic Statistics
  • COB 202. Interpersonal Skills
  • COB 204. Computer Information Systems
  • COB 218. Legal Environment of Business
  • COB 241. Financial Accounting
  • COB 242. Managerial Accounting
  • COB 291. Introduction to Management Science
  • ECON 201. Principles of Economics
  • GECON 200. Introduction to Macroeconomics (General Education, Cluster 4)
  • MATH 205 or 235. (General Education, Cluster 3)

You may not take any upper-division core courses required for a B.B.A. major until you complete all lower-division B.B.A. core courses and have been admitted to the College of Business. The upper-division courses are as follows:

  • COB 300A. Integrated Functional Systems: Management *
  • COB 300B. Integrated Functional Systems: Finance *
  • COB 300C. Integrated Functional Systems: Operations *
  • COB 300D. Integrated Functional Systems: Marketing *
  • COB 487. Strategic Management
  • * You must take all four COB 300 courses concurrently.

The B.B.A. degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of undergraduate course work. Fifty percent of this work (60 credit hours) must be taken outside of the CoB. Carefully select these non-business electives to help you gain additional knowledge and expertise for your career and personal life.

For more information on the B.B.A. degree, visit the CoB Web site or the JMU Undergraduate Catalog (refer to the catalog year when you started attending JMU).


Typical Progression

The typical BBA progression of the lower-level and upper-level core is outlined in this attachment.