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School of Accounting Undergraduate Program 

About the B.B.A. Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Degree  James Madison University offers a fully accredited program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree with a major in a specific field. The program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in business, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations, and graduate study.

B.B.A. Prerequisite Courses  Students who plan to major in any Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree program offered by the JMU College of Business must complete basic courses designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the essential dimensions of business.

Students should complete all lower level (100 and 200 level series) core courses prior to enrolling in courses numbered 300 or higher. College of Business courses offered at the 300 level are restricted to students who have achieved junior standing or higher at the time of enrollment, having completed the 100 and 200 level coursework.

Admission to the College of Business  Students desiring to major in any B.B.A. program in the College of Business must formally apply for admission. The application may be submitted upon completion of 45 credit hours. Formal admission to a major will be granted when the student has met certain requirements. Refer to the undergraduate catalog for additional information.

BBA Core Learning Objectives  Learning objectives have been developed by the faculty for each of the B.B.A. core courses. The site contains learning objectives for both upper and lower level B.B.A. core courses.

COB Academic Services Center (ASC)  The College of Business Academic Services Center provides academic advising services to current and prospective business students.  Conveniently located in Zane Showker Hall, Suite 205, the ASC assists students with developing academic plans; coordinates formal admission into the COB and the enrollment process into COB 300; monitors and certifies graduation applications for COB majors; assists students with academically related questions and concerns. 

General Education  The University General Education component is made up of five cluster areas. Within each of the five clusters, students can select from among several different packages of course combinations, depending on interests and abilities. The General Education Program is an integral component of all majors in the University.