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Essays on Accounting Education

Edited by Bill Anderson, E. Kent St. Pierre, Ralph L. Benke Jr.

240 pages, copyright 1987

This volume includes articles from The Accounting Review, CPA Journal, Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Accountancy, Management Accounting, Journal of Accounting Education, and the Phi Delta Kappa Education Foundation. The 18 articles present a broad spectrum of thought regarding the current state of accounting education. Beginning with an overview of the philosophy of American education, Essays on Accounting Education goes on to consider such topics as: correcting the current wrongs in accounting education, the efficacy of the law school as a model for accounting education, the five-year educational requirement, whether present accounting programs are teaching the proper subject matter in the proper manner, and recommendations for providing the best educational experience for the accounting student. For example, one aspect in the ongoing debate dealt with by Essays on Accounting Education considers the question of whether accounting education should be primarily conceptual or procedural. Arguments supporting both sides of the debate are presented. Taken together, the articles contained in this volume will provide accounting educators with a fresh perspective into the major issues, which they may face in the future, and offer specific ideas relating to improving the overall quality of the classroom educational experience.