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Research in Accounting Education

Edited by Ashton C. Bishop, E. Kent St. Pierre, Ralph L. Benke Jr.

236 pages, copyright 1987

This volume contains papers for individuals with a serious interest in doing research in accounting education. Research in Accounting Education also should appeal to individuals who have an interest in the findings of published accounting education research.

About one-third of the pages in this volume are devoted to papers that have not been published elsewhere. The remainder contains papers that have appeared as articles in professional journals such as Accounting, Organizations and Society, Journal of Accountancy, Journal of Accounting Education, Journal of Occupational Psychology and The Accounting Review.

  • "Empirical Research in Accounting Education: A Review and Evaluation" Written exclusively for this book, this is a 51-page summary of past accounting education research.

  • "Research Methodology for Accounting Education" A second paper written exclusively for this book, it discusses research methodologies appropriate for accounting education. The paper, using illustrations from published and unpublished education research, discusses the application of experimental, ex post facto and survey research to accounting education research.

The remaining articles are organized into topical areas, which include:

  1. Characteristics of accounting majors
  2. Learning theory
  3. Testing
  4. Teaching effectiveness
  5. Performance after graduation

These articles provide important information to individuals conducting accounting education research and offer the latest research findings for those involved in educating accounting students.

Research In Accounting Education should help promote excellence in teaching and stimulate further research in accounting education.