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Center for Research in Accounting Education

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The Center for Research in Accounting Education was inaugurated in the School of Accounting at James Madison University in 1981. The purpose of the center is to contribute to the body of knowledge of accounting education.

The center's first project was the Journal of Accounting Education, initially published in 1983. Originally, both editing and publishing of the journal were managed entirely by the James Madison University accounting faculty.

By 1988, the journal become an international success. Pergamon Press purchased the journal, but James Madison's faculty retained and exercised all editorial rights through 1993, at which time the journal became the official journal of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research. Several James Madison University faculty remain on the editorial board, and others serve as reviewers.

The center began publishing books of readings in 1988 with two books focusing on accounting education. With the exception of Essays on Changing Accounting Education, the more recent additions, including the newly-released Group Learning: Applications in Higher Education, focus on higher education in general and draw on literature from many disciplines.

The books are designed for two purposes. First, the articles are selected with an intent to provide useful information for accounting faculty. Other disciplines have published some excellent research, and accounting faculty should draw on this research to improve their instruction.

Second, the articles are a rich source of research ideas for accounting educators. The articles selected for the books are the result of screening literally hundreds of publications, resulting in a collection of the best research examples with the richest sources of research ideas.

We hope that you find the books useful.

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