Welcome! to the Landmine Learning Resource website. The Mine Action Information Center at James Madison University developed this site to help you learn about landmines and humanitarian landmine action.

Abandoned landmines and other explosive remnants of war have left humankind with a terrible and deadly legacy. Thousands of innocent civilians are killed or injured by landmines each year. The socio-economic impact of these abandoned weapons is far-reaching. Landmines keep people from leading normal, productive lives; they hinder agriculture and economic development; and they undermine the establishment of lasting peace and stability in areas beset by war and conflict. This situation can change, however, through the concerted efforts of governments and private citizens. The first step is to understand the nature and scope of the global landmine problem, and the tools available to solve it.

This website includes an eBook called Landmines 101 that introduces you to the challenges posed by landmines and what is being done to eradicate them. The Educator's Corner includes information on how you might teach others about landmine issues. It is loaded with ideas, activities, projects, and resources designed for K - 12 and for higher education. There is also information on how to get involved, either individually or in a group. We encourage you to browse through this site. Bookmark it so you can easily come back!

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