Lessons Learned Databases

Mine Action Lessons Learned (opens in new window)

  • As a forum, Mine Action Lessons Learned serves as a neutral clearinghouse for all mine action information and provides the opportunity for specific information gathered in the field to be distributed and discussed. Individuals are encouraged to share experiences and methodologies they feel will benefit the mine-action community.

  • This database is maintained by CISR. Development funding was provided by UNMAS and the US DoS.

  • ITEP/Database of International Experiences in Support of the Test and Evaluation Community (DIETEC) (opens in new window)

  • The intent of this database is to publish information derived from experiences in test and evaluation of humanitarian demining equipment. The collected "experiences" highlight key areas of consideration in the T&E process as well as specific observations related to the evaluation of humanitarian demining equipment in operational use.

  • This database is a joint effort between ITEP and the CISR. Funding is provided by the US DoD. CISR maintains the database while ITEP compiles the content.