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Letter from the Editor

Updated Wednesday, 18-Sep-2013 09:05:07 EDT
Lois Carter Fay

As the new editor of the Journal of Mine Action, I first want to say hello to all our mine action friends around the world and thank you for your contributions to the Journal. Without you, there would be no JMA. Keep doing what you do to make a difference, and please continue to send us your stories and technical articles.

You'll notice a few changes with this issue of the magazine. We've added a few shorter articles to make it easier to read a little at a time. We've also added some stories that are a bit more personal so our readers can really get a feel for what mine action is all about. And finally, we've tried to make the articles easier to read by eliminating some of the "alphabet soup" of repeated acronyms that have peppered our magazine in the past. We want everyone—even the newest reader—to be able to read the Journal and appreciate the content.

After you read this issue, I encourage you to send me a note telling me what you think about the magazine. If you like what we've done, tell me. If you hate our changes, tell me that, too. If there's something you think we should cover or an article that simply must be written, let me know. We'll do our best to present the story. Your feedback, critical comments and encouragement will help us make the Journal of Mine Action even better.

Lois Carter Fay
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Mine Action