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ISSN 1533-6905 October 2003

Special Report
The Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement: Broadening Mine Action to Include Other Conventional Threats by Hayden Roberts

U.S. Humanitarian Demining R&D Program: Emerging Technologies by Sean Burke, Tom Henderson and Roger Cresci
The R&D Requirements Workshop by Joe Lokey
Colonel Vosburgh, OASD (SO/LIC): The Successes of Technology by Margaret Busé
Can Honey Bees Assist in Area Reduction and Landmine Detection? by Jerry J. Bromenshenk
Standardized Testing of Metal Detectors by T.J. Bloodworth and A.J. Sieber
REST Sampling: Landmine Detection Using a Fido Device by Mark Fisher, John Sikes and Kip Schultz
Vegetation Clearance Equipment: Huge Potential in Productivity Improvement by Nathan Kunz
IMSMA V3.0: Experiences From the “IMSMA Diaspora” by Mohammed Qasim and John Walker
Ukraine Responds to New Mine Action Demands by Sergei Pashinsky
Scientific Contributions to Demining Technology: Beliefs, Perceptions and Realities by Ian G. McLean
Pigs: A Demining Tool of the Future? by Jennette Townsend
The MineWolf Toolbox System: Ground Preparation to Mine Clearance by Heinz Rath
Mine Action Technologies: Problems and Recommendations by Marc Acheroy
Using Bomb Disrupters in Demining Operations by Jennifer Cox
Mechanical Application in Demining: Modernising Clearance Methods by Alexander Griffiths and Leonard Kaminski (Online only)
Testing and Use of Demining Machines in the Republic of Croatia by Ivan Steker (Online only)
Decision Support System for Demining Waterways by Nenad Mladineo and Snjezana Knezic (Online only)
Systematic Test & Evaluation of Metal Detectors by Noel Mulliner, Phil Bean and Francois Littmann (Online only)
CROMAC: Center for Testing, Development and Training by Nikola Pavković (Online only)
BOZENA 4 Mine Clearing Flail System by Marián Zimmermann (Online only)
REST in Bosnia: A Pilot Test of Detection Capability by Rune Fjellanger, Ian G. McLean and Havard Bach (Online only)
Bridging the Gap Between Users and Developers by Jennette Townsend (Online only)
UXB International Inc. Offers Technological Capabilities for Global Mine Action by Julie Mullen (Online only)
The Truth About Flails by David Hartley (Online only)
Priority Setting for Mine Action by Lutful Kabir and Emil Hasanov (Online only)

Area Reduction: A Solution Whose Time has Come by Bob Eaton
Survey of Suspected Mined Areas From a Helicopter by Milan Bajić
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane—It’s the Mineseeker Airborne Mine Detector! by Nicole Kreger
Landmine Impact Survey: Measurement and Display of Suspected Hazard Areas by Hemi Morete
Priority Setting for Mine Action by J. J. van der Merwe (Online only)
Suspected Hazard Area Mapping in Non-Technical Landmine Surveys by Rune V. Engeset (Online only)
Current Landmine Impact Surveys by the Survey Action Center by Kristen Frahler (Online only)

Notes From the Field
Geneva Diary: Report From the GICHD by Ian Mansfield
Mine Risk Education: The Effective Way to Save Lives by Musa Jalalov and Vagif Sadigov
The OAS and Landmine Victims in Nicaragua by Carlos Orozco and Jaime Perales
Reducing Landmine Risk and Helping Victims: UNICEF Albania, 1999–2003 by Aurora Bushati ANAMA Supports Mine Survivor Activities in Azerbaijan by Rauf Mamedov
Exchange for Peace by Kimberly Kim
The Americas: Regional Mine Action Seminar in Peru by Julie Mullen
CHA Improves Mine Survivors’ Quality of Life by Kristina Davis (Online only)
The Cost Capture Issue in Humanitarian Mine Action by Robert Keeley (Online only)
Hiking in Africa: Mines and Mountains, Trekking Through Angola by Ginge Fullen (Online Only)
MASG Update excerpted from the September 2003 MASG Newsletter (Online only)
Lessons-Learned: A Learning Process by Robert Burritt and Carrie Smart (Online only)

Bits and Bytes from Bogotá by Dennis Barlow