Issue 7.3, December 2003
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BOZENA 4 Mine Clearing Flail System

The new BOZENA 4 Mine Clearing Flail System is one-of-a-kind in many aspects, from the tracking of AP and AT mines to the lightweight and small design that enables BOZENA 4 to be easily transportable.

by Marián Zimmermann, Dipl. Eng., Project Administrator, WAY Industry


The latest model from the well-known Slovakian Mine Clearing Machine series is BOZENA 4, which its producer, WAY Industry, introduced to the international community in May 2002. The BOZENA 4 Mine Clearing Flail System (BOZENA 4) is a mechanical tracking mine-clearing machine controlled by a transmitter as far away as 2,000 m. BOZENA 4 was designed for clearing AP mines that are both pressure and tripwire fused, and for clearing AT mines containing no more than nine kg of trinitrotoluene (TNT) charge. The system is able to clear mines between buildings, along paths, on plantations, around permanent obstacles and where the ground cannot support heavy weights. A truck pulling a trailer carrying the BOZENA 4 transports it between work areas. An air-conditioned and armoured cabin sits on the truck bed for an operator to maneuver the BOZENA 4 within visibility; a protected remote camera system can be provided as well. BOZENA 4 is protected with an armoured metal covering and by a shield directly behind the flail at the front of the vehicle, giving protection against damage from detonations. The amount of clearing BOZENA 4 can perform daily depends on the ground and terrain conditions. The average hourly cleared area is about 1,700 sq m.

The BOZENA 4 consists of:
1. Prime mover B4-L1203 RC
2. Flail (two pcs) - working tool
3. Operator’s monitoring cabin (air-conditioned)
4. Trailer for transport between operational sites

Basic technical characteristics of BOZENA 4

Engine producer’s data

Model DEUTZ BF 4L913
Type Four-stroke, turbocharged diesel with direct fuel injection, air cooled
Volume of cylinders 4,086,00 cm³ (four in-line cylinders)
Rated power output at 2,500 rpm 78 kW/106 HP
Max. fuel consumption 223 g/kWh (8.2 l/Mh)
Three independent hydraulic circuits Bosch-Rexroth
Flail - Working tool
Width of flail 2,000 mm
Soil depth penetration by flail Up to 250 mm
Operating rpm of flail 350–400 per min
Working speed (sq m per hour)
Light soil condition 1,800 sq m per hour
Medium soil condition 1,100 sq m per hour
Heavy soil condition 520 sq m per hour
Remote control prime mover B4–L1203 (with recovery winch and tire tracks, but without flail) 4,740 kg
Flail 1,060 kg
Total weight of BOZENA 4 5,800 kg
Remote control
Maximum transmitter range
  • Transmitter CSB T3 is the portable module equipped with setting and controlling elements.
2,000 m
Minimum operational time with fully charged accumulator (ACU 100 percent charged)  6 hours
Band of radio modem action
  • Receiver CSB R3 is the firmly built-in module that receives commands from the transmitter.
430–470 MHz

BOZENA 4 Training Course


Due to the mechanical element of operating the BOZENA 4, we request that technicians with a good technical background and experience in the field of heavy construction machines (loaders, tractors, bulldozers, etc.) be chosen. Knowledge about hydraulic systems, diesel engines, electronics, etc., is also important.
The required personnel are as follows:ws:

The General Training course schedule consists of the following two parts:

Both training courses can be conducted in the country of the BOZENA 4s’ deployment, if preferred. Three manufacturers’ instructors conduct training, one of which will be an interpreter.

BOZENA 4 was tested several times on AP & AT mines by various organizations

Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC), October 2002:

  • AP blast mines: PMA 1 (five pcs), PMA 2 (five pcs), PMA 3 (five pcs)—at different depths
  • AP bounding fragmentation mines: PMR-2A (two pcs), PROM-1 (two pcs)
  • AT mine: TMM-1 (one pc—5.6 kg of TNT)
Ethiopian Mine Action Office, May 06, 2003:
  • AP blast mines: PMD-6 (two pcs), PMN (two pcs)
  • AT mine: PRB-M3 (one pc—6.0 kg TNT/RDX/Aluminum powder - 70/15/15)
Poland Army, December 05, 2002:
  • AT mine: TM-62P (one pc—7.0 kg of TNT)

Military Technical & Testing Institute (Záhorie, Slovakia), October 2002, May 2003:

  • AP fragmentation & bounding mine: PP Mi-Sr II (13 pcs)
  • AT mines: PT Mi-Ba III (eight pcs—9.0 kg of TNT), PT Mi-K (two pcs—4.9 kg TNT)

BOZENA 4 was also positively evaluated by mine-clearing specialists from various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UN Mine Action Centres (MACs) and UN Peacekeeping Forces operating in the territory of former Yugoslavian countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo), northern Iraq, Lebanon, Albania and Eritrea.

When comparing BOZENA 4 with other demining machines, the following advantages stand out:

WAY Industry supports the following mechanical flail demining teams with BOZENA 4 machines:

During this period, the two BOZENA 4s cleared 96 AT mines and more than 1,000 AP mines without significant technical damage. Due to this great performance, 12 more BOZENA 4s were sent to speed up the process of mine clearance at this moment. The Slovakian president, Mr. Rudolf Schuster, donated one unit of the latest model, the BOZENA 4, to the International Trust Fund in Slovenia during the ninth meeting of the 16 Centro European presidents in Slovenia on May 31, 2002. This BOZENA 4 will be used in Croatia under the management of the CROMAC.

*All photos courtesy of the author.

Contact Information

Marián Zimmermann
Project Administrator
WAY Industry, a.s.
BOZENA 4 dept/Oddelenie Bozena
Jasíkova 2, 821 03 Bratislava, Slovakia
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