Issue 7.1, April 2003
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The Demining Technology Information Forum

The Demining Technology Information Forum (DTIF) organizes conferences and publishes proceedings and relevant papers in an effort to increase communication between users and developers of demining technology.


The primary aim of DTIF is to create an opportunity for the research and development (R&D) community to exchange information and ideas on technology for humanitarian demining. However, DTIF also gives the user community a chance to have their voices heard by the developers of demining technology and vice versa. These aims are accomplished through workshops with the proceedings published on the DTIF website (

The three DTIF workshops held to date have been:

The DTIF website has also re-published selected papers from the 4th and 5th Monterey Symposia on Technology and the Mine Problem and from the 2nd Joint Australian/American Conference on Technologies of Mine Countermeasures, held in Sydney, Australia, 2001. These papers were re-published with the permission of the organizing committee, the objective being to expand the audience for the work among the demining R&D community.

DTIF has had considerable success with its workshops—three completed and two more in the planning stages (one on detection of explosives and another, jointly with James Madison University, on mapping of mine affected areas). When the DTIF online journal (DTIFJ) was introduced, the editors intended it as a vehicle for the publication of solicited and unsolicited papers on the development of technology for mine action and experience with the use of technology in the field (lessons learned). To attract more high-quality papers on these and other related subjects, the editors are considering a hard copy version, possibly as part of the Journal of Mine Action. The website will be retained as the most appropriate vehicle for the publication of the proceedings of DTIF workshops and other mine action conferences.

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