ISSN 1533-6905

Issue 7.1, April 2003
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The U.S. Humanitarian Mine Action Program: Helping Countries “Get on Their Feet”
by Jenny Lange

The U.S. Department of Defense Humanitarian Demining Research and Development Program
by Sean Burke

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency and Mine Action
by Pehr Lodhammar (Online Only)

International Mine Action Standards: Future Development of PPE Standards
by Adrian Wilkinson

A Fresh Approach to Road Clearance Operations
by Roger R. Hess

Protecting Deminers From APLs: A Review of U.S./Canada Cooperation in R&D
by Denis M. Bergeron and Charles Chichester

Manual Demining in Lebanon
by Max Dyck

How Product Design can Improve Manual Demining
by Anders Ilsøy

An Interview With Colin King
by Margaret Busé

Explosive Remnants of War: The Impact of Current Negotiations
by Paul Ellis

TMAC: Conquering Thailand’s Unique Mine Problem
by Nicole Kreger

IMAS and PPE Requirements
by Andy Smith

PPE: Effective Protection for Deminers
by Jefferey Nerenberg, Jean-Phillippe Dionne and Aris Makris

Use of Multi-Criteria Analysis in Allocating EOD Teams in Humanitarian Mine Action
by Robert Keeley

Spoiled Soil
by Eddie Banks

Adopt-A-Team: Adopt-A-Minefield® Responds to the Situation in Afghanistan
by Megan Burke

The MINEX Center

First Person: Deminers’ Stories
from Landmines: Clearing the Way, by Huntington Associates  (Online Only)

Security Devices (PVT) Limited
by Trevor Thomsen (Online Only)

Low-Profile Disposal of U.S. Ordnance
by Frederick L. “Bart” Barthold

The Swedish EOD and Demining Centre
by Thore Bäckman

Ocean Group: Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Landmine Clearance Division
by Susanna Sprinkel


The Evolution of Mine Detection Dog Training
by Dan Hayter

Remote Explosive Scent Training: Genuine or a Paper Tiger?
by Håvard Bach and Ian McLean

The K9 Demining Corps in Lebanon
by Amy Eichenberg

New Partnership Brings Man’s Best Friend to Armenia
by Nicole Kreger (Online Only)

Mine Detection Dogs in Denmark
by Mikael Borch Madsen

Mine Detection Dog Program: The Cambodian Experience
by H.E. Khem Sophoan

Mine Drill for Drevers
by Hugh Morris

Mine Detection Dogs: An Integral Tool in RONCO Mine Clearance Operations


Geneva Diary: Report from the GICHD
by Ian Mansfield

An Update on the Mine Action Support Group

News from the OAS
by Whitney Tolliver

The Survey Action Center
by David Hartley

Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies
by Susanna Sprinkel

The Demining Technology Information Forum

Use of Mechanical Equipment in Mine Clearance
by Johannes Dirscherl

The Mine Action/Mine Risk Education Integrated Approach
by Hanoch Barlevi (Online Only)

Victim Assistance Efforts: The Niagara Foot
by Mary Beshai  (Online Only)

HUMAID’s Demining Efforts in Guinea-Bissau
by Susanna Sprinkel

The International Test and Evaluation Program
by ITEP 

Messiah College’s Minefield Simulation
by Dr. Donald Pratt (Online Only)

Costa Rica: The First Country in Latin America Free of Anti-Personnel Landmines
by Jaime Perales and Carl Case

Director’s Desk

Plays Nicely With Others
by Dennis Barlow