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Victim Assistance: A Way Forward Emerges by Suzanne Fiederlein
The Role of Mine Action in Victim Assistance by Eric Filippino
Interview with Lloyd Feinberg from the Leahy War Victims Fund by David Hartley
Helping Hands in a Shattered Republic: Victim Assistance in Chechnya by Hayden Roberts
Life is More Than an Artificial Leg: The Luena/Angola Experience by Sebastian Kasack
Building Sustainable Local Capacities for the Assistance of Landmine Victims in Southern Africa: A Concept from the Minefields of the Zambezi Basin Escarpment by Martin Chitsama
Help is Around the Corner: Community-Based Rehabilitation in Bosnia by JJ Scott
VVAF and Sports for Life: Promoting Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Right
s by Sarah C. Warren
Landmines: A Survivorís Tale by Dr. Ken Rutherford
Restoring the Spirit of Asiaís Most Mine-Affected Countries by Hayden Roberts
Victim Assistance Policy Planning: Decentralization as a Key? by Dr. Philippe Chabasse
Psychological and Physical Trauma: Treating the Whole Person by Patricia Blakeney and Daniel Creson
Socketless Option for Prosthetic Care by Ruth Clark
Landmine Survivors Network Victim Assistance Programs by Whitney Tolliver

Breaking New Ground: Assisting Farmers with Disabilities Through the Application of Assistive Technology by William E. Field
Somali Demining Action Group by Dr. Omar Mohamed
Victim Assistance: Response from a Socio-Economic Perspective by Chhouk Chantha
a Disabled Population: A Look at Victim Assistance in Afghanistan by Susanna Sprinkel
The Continuum: From Immobility to Mobility to Empowerment by David Holdridge, Jo Nagels and Caitlin Wyndham
Lending a Helping Hand: Victim Assistance Programs in Africa by Nicole Kreger and Sarah B. Taylor
Paths to Recovery: Coordinated and Comprehensive Care for Landmine Survivors by Beth Richie, Angela Ferguson, Zahabia Adamaly, Dalia El-Khoury and Maria Gomez
Revolutionizing Prosthetics, Chaz Holderís Legacy Creates Opportunities for Amputees by Whitney Tolliver
The Challenge of Prosthetic Services in Developing Countries by Michael Lundquist
Landmine Survivors and a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
by Akiko Ikeda 
High Energy Transfer Missile Wounds in the Siege of Sarajevo and
Their Relation to Mine Injuries by JP Beavis and JM Ryan
How NGOs Can Build Peace: Landmine Clearance and Victim Assistance by Maureen Morton

Upsetting Lives: The Public Health Impact of Landmines in Africa by Sarah B. Taylor (Online Only)


Funding Mine Risk Education: Saving Lives Around the Globe by Jenny Lange

Need to Know? Mine Action Education Resources by Andy Smith

A Revolutionary Approach to Mine Awareness: The Demining Support System by Nicole Kreger

Mine Risk Education and Mine Awareness in Afghanistan by Whitney Tolliver

UNICEF: A Leader in Mine Awareness by Nicole Kreger

Mine Awareness: The ICRC Approach by Julie Mullen (Online Only)

Notes From the Field

Geneva Diary: Report from the GICHD by Ian Mansfield

Landmines: The World Takes Action by Sarah Campbell

The Survey Action Center by David Hartley

Mine Action Support Group Update

An OAS Update by Whitney Tolliver

Information Systems for Mine Action from the Data Entry Point of View by Zoran Grujic

The BHMAC: A New Law, New Structure and New Hope in Bosnia by JJ Scott

Demining During Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan by John Wilkinson

War Child Television Series Joins Mine Awareness Campaign by Whitney Tolliver

A Firsthand Experience with Mine Action: On the Ground with the Organization of American States in Nicaragua by Mark Hyman

Ending the Tragedy of Landmines Through Innovation and Cooperation by David Hartley

The 3rd DTIF Workshop by Stewart Myles


Seven Common Myths About Landmine Victim Assistance by Dennis Barlow