Issue 6.1, April, 2002

J o u r n a l    O f    M i n e    A c t i o n

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The Role of the United Nations in Mine Action: An Interview with Ian Mansfield
by Margaret S. Busé

Mine Action Program for Somalia
by Jab Swart

UNMEE-MACC: Ethiopia and Eritrea Mine Action Coordination Center
by Bob Kudyba

Mine Action in Azerbaijan
by Sayed Aqa and Josef Strebel

Ukranian Mine Action
by Lt. Col. Sergio Pashinsky

The Most Successful Mine Action Program Ever: The Kosovo MACC
by J.J. Scott

The Mine Action Program for Afghanistan
by Susanna Sprinkel

National Mine Action: Problems and Predictions
by Vernon Joynt

Building National Mine Action Capacity: It is No Myth
by Ian Mansfield

National Mine Action Contact Information


Mine Action Technology Now and in the Future: Is it Realistic to Expect Great Leaps Forward in Technology?
by Havard Bach
Extra: Technology At a Glance

The European Commission: The Future of Mine Action From A Donor’s Perspective
by Margaret S. Busé

Landmine Victim Assistance and Government Legal Obligation
by Kenneth R. Rutherford

Mine Awareness: A New Approach
by Michael Labon

Child-to-Child: What We Have to Learn About Educating Children
by Sarah Warren

Mine Clearance Techniques and Technologies for Effective Humanitarian Demining
by Maki K. Habib

Connecting Global Education with Activism: Building a Local and Global Community
by Marta Colburn
Afghanistan Landmines Classroom Activity

Notes from the Field

Technology and Its Use in the Mine Field
by Geoff Coley

Application of the Technical Survey in the Demining Process
by J. J. van der Merwe

PARADIS: A Prototype for Assisting Rational Activities in Humanitarian Demining Using Images from Satellites
by Viviane Lacroix and Marc Acheroy

Peacemakers Along the DMZ
by LTC. Albert Marin and CPT. Michael Litzelman

Behind the Scenes of Mine Action
by Mary Ruberry

From the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean: The World’s Largest Mine Field?
by J.J. Scott

Update on Mine Action Situation in Afghanistan
by Susanna Sprinkel

Troubleshooting Afghanistan
by Timothy Gusinov

The Latin America Conference
by Nicole Kreger

Celebrities and Landmines
by Jenny Lange

Night of 1,000 Dinners Raises Money for Demining Efforts
by Nicole Kreger

Three-Man Team Hikes Japanese Mountains to Raise Money for Mine Clearance
by Nicole Kreger

The Confederacy’s Bomb Brothers
by Peggy Robbins

GICHD Mechanical Mine Clearance Equipment Catalogue
by Detlef Shroeder

The Sapper
by Juan Carlos Ruan

by J.J. Scott

Editorial: Goons, Lemons and Saviors
by Dennis Barlow