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December, 2001

Issue 5.3: Landmines in The Middle East


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Combating Subterranean Terror
by Queen Noor

The United States Central Command’s Role in the Middle East
by Margaret S. Busé

The Impact of Landmines on Socio-Economic Development Projects in Southern Lebanon
by Mohamed Ahmed

Red Cross/Red Crescent Mine Action Involvement in the Middle East 
by Laurence Desvignes

Strategic Planning in Yemen 
by Tim Lardner and Matt Craig

Landmine Resource Center for Lebanon
by Habbouba Aoun

Humanitarian Mine Action in Northern Iraq 
by Tim Carstairs

Mine Field Breaching in Desert Storm 
by Thomas Houlahan

The Landmine Struggle Center and the Arabic Mine Action Campaign
by Jenny Lange

Mine Awareness Education in the Republic of Yemen 
by Aisha Saeed Nayla

Aiding the Innocent: Victim Assistance in the Middle East 
by Sarah B. Taylor

Landmine Survivor’s Network Provides Victim Assistance in Jordan
by Kathleen Powers (Online Only)

Technology Needs: Mine Clearance in Egypt and Jordan
by James Trevelyan

A Soldier’s Diary of  UXO in Desert Storm
by Darin Busé

NPA: Improving Lives in the Middle East and Throughout the World
by Sarah Taylor (Online Only)

Humanitarian Demining in the Sultanate of Oman
by LTC Steve Soucek and Major Darrell Strother

Landmines in Lebanon: A Historic Overview and the Current Situation 
by Harald A. Wie

Humanitarian Demining in Egypt: A Half-Century Struggle
by Tim Kennedy

The Jordanian Humanitarian Demining Program
by Major José Saucedo

Landmine Impact Survey in Yemen
by Qadeem Khan Tariq (Online Only)

Israeli Landmine Policy and Related Regional Activity
by Aharon Etengoff and Professor Gerald Steinberg

The Effects of Landmines on Women in the Middle East
by Mary Ruberry

Yemen Humanitarian Demining Program 
by Jack Holly (Online Only)

Notes from the Field

New International Standards Debut October 1, 2001
by Suzanne L. Fiederlein, MAIC

The Quantification of Safety and Risk: A Critical Review
by Dr. Peter A. Schoeck (Online Only)

Cost Effectiveness of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Demining Programs
by Michael F. Litzelman, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Wayne D. Perry, Professor of Public Policy and Operations Research, George Mason University

Efficient Level 2 Surveys Using Mechanical Detonators: 
Returning More Land, Creating More Wealth, Saving More Lives
by Daniel H. Wolf and Steven Barmazel, Terra Segura International

Comments on the "Detonation" Approach
by Robert Keeley, Asian Landmine Solutions

Response to Bob Keeley’s Letter to The Journal of Mine Action
by Daniel Wolf and Steven Barmazel

Notes From: The Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining 
by Paddy Blagden

U.S. Humanitarian Demining in the Middle East
by Stacy L. Smith, U.S. Department of State Fellow


Global Focus on Landmines in Afghanistan
by Joe Lokey

Current Mine Action Situation in Afghanistan
by Susanna Sprinkel

Non-State Actors: Their Significance in the Global Picture
by Margaret  S. Busé

Travelogue: Afghanistan
by Oren Schlein

Interview with Martin Barber: UN Status in Afghanistan
by Margaret S. Busé

Returning Mine-Free Land to the Afghani People: Afghan Mine Detection and Dog Center
by Susanna Sprinkel

MCPA: A Pioneer in the Field of Humanitarian Mine Action
by Qadeem Khan Tariq

What the Dog’s Nose Knows 
by Ian A. McLean (Online Only)

Interview with Miriam Ferrer of the Non-State Actors Working Group
by Margaret S. Busé 

by Dennis Barlow












































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