Issue: 5.2, August 2001, ISSN 1533-6905
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United States Southern Command, SOUTHCOM

OAS Mine Action Program
by Jaime Perales and Carl Case

The IADB-an interview with Col. Rowcliffe
by Margaret S. Busé

Mine Detection Dogs in Central America
by Jaime Perales

The Clearest Sense of Danger
by Frank A. Zurita Hernández

Demining in Suriname
by A. Edgardo C. Reis

This Hard Land- A Renewal of Humanitarian Mine Action in El Salvador
by Graeme R. Goldsworthy and Dr. Frank Faulkner

UNICEF in Latin America
by Mary Ruberry

Colombia: 35 Years and Still Struggling
by Jenny E. Lange

The History of Demining in Nicaragua
by Elizabeth Beery Adams

Training the Trainers in Community-Based Rehabilitation
by Will Boyce and John Paterson

Landmines in the Sand: The Falkland Islands  
by Juan Carlos Ruan

Interview with an Amateur Deminer
by Russell Gasser

Landmines in Chile: Who is at Risk?
by Elizabeth Beery Adams

Landmines: A Deadly Reminder of Chile’s Military Past
by Louise Egan

These Firemen are Deminers: An Interview with Mr. Guillermo Pacheco, Program Coordinator of the Assistance Program for Demining in Guatemala
by Elizabeth Beery Adams

AICMA:  Helping Central America
by OAS

IMSMA and its use in Nicaragua
by Nicole Kreger

Victim Assistance in Central America: A Regional Effort
by Juan Carlos Ruan

Marshall Legacy Institute
by Nicole Kreger

UXO in Panama
by Keith Feigenbaum

Victim Assistance in Central America: IGOs, NGOs and Governments Team Up
by Suzanne L. Fiederlein

Field Trip With MARMINCA
by Margaret S. Buse‘, Editor

Helping Guatemala: Organization of American States, Unit for the Promotion of Democracy, Mine Action Program in Central America (AIMCA)
by Col. William McDonough and Carl Case

Stories for Ocotal
By José Ramon Zepeda B

Inner Workings of the OAS
by Mary Ruberry

An Interview with the Nicaraguan Minister of Defense, Dr. José Adán Guerra Pastora
by Margaret S. Busé


Feedback Prodders: A Training Tool to Improve Deminer Safety
by Russell Gasser

Quantum Magnetics Targets Landmine Explosives Using Quadrupole Resonance  
by Caroleen Williams, Dr. Peter V. Czipott and Dr. Lowell J. Burnett

The Development of the Spatial Information Clearinghouse in Support of Humanitarian Demining  
by Helmut Kraenzle and Gina M. Beale

FIXOR:A New Approach to Neutralizing Landmines and UXO
by C. J. (John) Anderson A.W. (Bill) Bauer

On the Cutting Edge of Landmine Technology
by Nicole Kreger


The Southern African Development Community’s Technical Advisors Course
by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Sollie Schreuder and Kevin Bolton

Interoperability: Sharing Information
by Mary Ruberry

Bridging the User and Developer Gap: The DTIF Workshop, Vancouver, June 4-5, 2001
by Margaret Busé

Geneva Diary: Report from the GICHD
by P. M. Blagden

Notes from United Nations Mine Action Service
by Sarah Taylor

U.S. Humanitarian Demining in Latin America
By Stacy L. Smith, U.S. Department of State Fellow

Roots of Peace-Turning Mines into Vines
by Stacy L. Smith

The Necessity of Implementing a Public-Health Approach to Humanitarian Demining
by Daniel H. Wolf and Steven Barmazel

AUSTCARE, Assisting Mine-Affected Communities
by Stacy L. Smith


Costa Rica
El Salvador