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Through a variety of mine awareness techniques and programs, Adopt-A-Minefield promotes a landmine free environment by involving individuals, community associations and businesses in the process. Essentially, Adopt-A-Minefield functions as a liaison between the affected communities and sponsors. To accomplish this vital task, Adopt-A-Minefield acknowledges no political debates or boundaries. Rather, it allows individuals to contribute their resources to the overall goal, establishing common ground between the contributors and the mine-affected populations upon which to build lasting relationships. The program also adheres to its tenet that through cooperation the world can rid itself of this less-publicized but intensely severe problem.

Mine Awareness

In efforts to raise awareness, Adopt-A-Minefield has designed a pioneering website to cross international barriers and reach millions of potential sponsors, informing them of the disastrous landmine problem. Schools, businesses and individuals surfing the Internet in their homes can access this website and view comprehensive information about this global crisis. The website has several informational links, including a Map link that provides maps of Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia and Mozambique. People can access landmine-related statistics of the countries, such as the country’s background as to why landmines plague it; mine facts, including the approximate number of landmines infesting a country; the country’s affected areas; photographs; and additional statistics, including the country’s size, population and health characteristics. By providing this information, Adopt-A-Minefield increases viewers’ knowledge of the extent of the landmine crisis.

The website also supplies a Photo Gallery from which viewers can browse a vast collection of photographs related to mine awareness. Users can also view Video Clips about Adopt-A-Minefield and the Global Mine Crisis and can access the Press Room to read current information about the Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign, News Wires, Adoptor News and recent reports from the Field. This ground-breaking website also provides a Discussion Board consisting of forums about the Global Landmine Crisis, the Mine Ban Treaty, a Kids Forum, Ask the Experts and Adopt-A-Minefield, allowing sponsors to interact, thereby sharing information and increasing mine awareness internationally. The Ask the Experts forum is a monthly question and answer session which was last hosted by Donald K. Steinberg, Special Representative to the President and Secretary of State for Global Humanitarian Demining, in March 2000.

A Mine Quiz is also included in the website, posing such questions as “How often do children require a new prosthesis? A) every 10 years; B) every 3 years; and C) every 6 months” in effort to educate the public of the gravity of the global landmine crisis. The Adopt-A-Minefield website also supplies an extensive list of links to the United Nations, Mine Action Centers, The Ban Campaign, Nongovernmental Organizations, International Organizations, Governments and Other Resources. Through the website, people can complete and submit the mine field adoption form online, adopting mine fields in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia and Mozambique. Individuals can also read a detailed guide about starting local mine awareness campaigns.

Reaching the Youth

In efforts to raise mine awareness among the youth of the world, the Adopt-A-Minefield website offers a “KidStuff” outlet, programming links to a Mine Quiz, Mine Games, Mine Facts, How Do They Do That? and even a Kids Forum, allowing kids to speak out, share stories and question experts on this life-threatening issue. Throughout its successful launch, the Adopt-A-Minefield website has been referred to as a “leading model of e-philanthropy in the global age of electronic communications.”

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