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Norwegian People's Aid

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), founded in 1939 by the Norwegian labor movement, is one of Norway’s largest NGOs. Based upon the principles of unity, human dignity, peace and freedom, NPA is a voice for the vulnerable, poor and oppressed people in Norway and abroad.

NPA has a long history of national and international operations and is currently involved in more than 400 projects in 30 countries. In an effort to strengthen the evolvement of democratic structures, NPA emphasizes local involvement in planning and implementing long-term development programs. In several instances, operations that began as emergency assistance turned into long-term development projects.

In Norway, NPA offers a variety of services to Norwegians of all ages. It provides transportation and recreational activities for disabled and elderly people. In order to provide young people a drug free environment, NPA offers activities such as first aid courses and mountain rescue squads. Efforts from more than 15,000 members in 123 local groups keep the national operations thriving.

Internationally, NPA has provided humanitarian and political support to help people fight for freedom and justice. Since 1995, it has become the single most important facility in the effort to address Angola’s landmine problem. NPA has developed a broad spectrum of mine action capacities that incorporate survey, mine awareness, mechanical mine clearance and the use of mine dogs to the solid foundation of its manual mine clearance teams. The program has state-of-the-art demining tools and employs 700 people who support demining tasks and assist in the implementation of associated emergency aid and development initiatives on a nationwide scale. The basis of the NPA Mine Action program rests on a comprehensive understanding of the landmine distribution and the humanitarian impact of mines in Angola. To date, NPA has undertaken mine action activities in all 18 provinces of Angola. NPA clearance teams have completed over 200 demining and UXO clearance tasks and, in the process, removed and destroyed more than 57,000 mines and items of unexploded ordnance.

NPA’s mine action projects include:

Angola: Battle area clearance, mine clearance, survey and GIS database and mine awareness. 650 local staff, 30 dog teams, three Aardvark and two Hydrema mechanical clearance vehicles.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Survey, clearance and awareness programs. 150 deminers and five mine detection dog teams work in Sarajevo and Srpska.

Cambodia: Technical assistance to Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC). Local community development programs for resettlement of internally displaced persons and refugees in areas that are cleared. Support for orthopedic workshop and engineering workshop producing equipment for mine clearance.

Kosovo: Establishing a manual mine clearance capacity consisting of 100 trained local deminers (September 1999) and dog teams from Spring 2000. Possibility for mechanical clearance. One platoon, 30 deminers, two dog teams began work in the Pec region (July 1999).

Laos: Technical assistance to UXO Lao with EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) experts.

Mozambique: Mine action program in Tete district. 400 manual deminers and 25 mine detection dog teams.

Northern Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan: Two demining platoons and one EOD team undertaking battle area clearance and mine clearance. 170 local employees.

Western Sahara: Mine awareness for returning refugees. Some 50 people locally recruited are trained as experts. In turn, they train some 30,000 persons in the refugee camps.

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