Issue 4.2 | June 2000
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The mission of UXB is to provide a world-class, comprehensive program of demining-ordnance and explosive waste (D-OEW) remediation-engineering services designed to meet the needs of a diverse client base in a safe, effective and cost efficient manner while complying with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. UXB is committed to providing quality programs and services using an integrated systems approach, utilizing state-of-science technologies and field-proven methodologies, by well-qualified and highly trained personnel under the supervision of a streamlined, responsive and customer focused management team.

As a major participant in the global effort to remove landmines, UXB is an international leader in safe and efficient clearing of landmines and UXO. Their landmine clearance efforts have taken them all over the world from the jungles of Vietnam to the war ravaged communities of Bosnia-Herzegovina. UXO operations have been even more widespread.

UXB places the highest importance on working side-by-side with the host nations to educate citizens about the dangers and complexities of working in mined areas. UXB augments, expands and consolidates the experience and knowledge of former combatants, military personnel and other local experts so that the required work and clearance standards of the multi-national workforce can be safely and efficiently met and maintained. The aim of UXB is to leave the affected communities with an indigenous capability and capacity to ensure long-term success neutralizing the landmine threat. We have developed specialized training courses that utilize classroom lectures, technical manuals, hands-on reinforcement training, field exercises and formal testing.

Current Projects

Several current projects, most notably those on the Kahoolawe Island Reserve, Hawaii; Bosnia-Herzegovina; and many others throughout the U.S., have been models of community involvement and participation. UXB, working with PeaceTrees Vietnam and others, cleared land for re-use where the Dannan Parry Landmines Educational Center has been built in Quang Tri Province,Vietnam.

Demining Capabilities

UXB has mobilized and deployed multi-skilled and equipped teams tailored for specific missions and tasks, such as conducting landmine surveys, conducting landmine and UXO clearance operations, developing and conducting site-specific landmine awareness/avoidance training, establishing landmine action headquarters, establishing a landmine database, providing explosives storage plans and facilities, establishing a local demining capability and introducing new demining technologies.

UXO Capabilities

Demining teams need additional technical capabilities to safely defeat UXO. For more than 14 years, UXB has successfully located and removed or eliminated UXO at depths well in excess of the United Nation's 200mm clearance standard for landmines. UXB has the capabilities to conduct wide area assessments tied to geophysical mapping, integrate our surveys into databases, including geographic information systems (GIS), conduct UXO clearance operations on land and underwater, employ risk assessment and footprint reduction.


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