Issue 4.2 | June 2000
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Appealing to a broad range of customers from governments to commercial demining companies, Security Devices offers high quality, economic demining products and has established its presence in the demining community. Andy Smith, an international specialist in humanitarian demining, designs the majority of the equipment Security Devices markets.

Mk3 Personal Protective Equipment

Presently, Security Devices offers an all-inclusive set of personal protective equipment. This set includes an Mk3 demining apron, a 5mm visor and fittings, knee-shin pads and a carry bag to transport these items. Specialists at Security Devices have designed a weatherproof, padded, washable, lightweight carry bag to reduce the bulkiness and weight strain the personal protective equipment often places on deminers.

Mk3 Demining Apron

The Mk3 demining apron does not conform to traditional body armor. Rather than matching previous close-fitting aprons, the designers adapted the Mk3 apron to hang comfortably from the shoulders, forming a blast-proof wall between the deminer and the mine. Aware of the environmental conditions under which deminers often work, the specialists designed the apron to support air circulation, which cools the deminers as they work. In addition, the specialists at Security Devices overlapped the apron's collar with the 5mm visor also supplied in the kit. This modification protects deminers if they detonate a mine while looking down as they work. This apron has been involved in a minimum of 12 prodding incidents, establishing its worth as an effective means of protection.

5mm Visor

The 5mm visor, composed of polycarbonate, is equipped with a head-frame made from ballistic Aramid and covered with waterproof nylon. These specifications improve the durability of the visor and the protection it offers, increasing its growing popularity among deminers.

Knee-Shin Pads

To improve the comfort factor of demining, designers included knee-shin pads in the personal protective equipment kit. Although the pads do not offer significant protection against exploding ordnance, deminers have reported that the pads are beneficial when they are forced to kneel on damp or rough ground to work. The pads are made of rubber and designed to be flexible to match a deminer's physical movement.

Manual Demining Hand Tools

Andy Smith, aware of the injuries caused by exploding mines to exposed hands, created a range of hand tools to reduce this risk. These tools include the "Braveheart" excavator, "pick-prod," "mini-spade," "MIT profile" probe, the "root cutter," mine-grab and the demining brush, markers, shears and tool set. The tools underwent multiple tests to ensure their safety. Deminers can purchase the complete set of tools from Security Devices as a toolbag. In addition to the previously mentioned tools, the set supplies a tripwire feeler, maintenance tools and a saw.

Development and Testing

Security Devices firmly believes in the integrity of each of its products. Therefore, the organization uses strictly quality materials, including polycarbonate, Aramid and Kevlar. Its test facility is equipped with a fragmentation firing rig that fulfills NATO standards. Prior to each product's release to the market, Andy Smith subjects his designs to rigorous testing, measuring the protective value the product provides under real conditions. In addition to their marketed products, Security Devices will adapt equipment to meet specific requirements upon request, understanding deminers' individual needs.


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