Issue 4.2 | June 2000
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Stiftung Sankt Barbara is a private foundation with its central headquarters in Munster, Germany. The organization was established in 1995, but its first mission was organized in October 1996. Sankt Barbara is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to protect the native people of different countries through knowledge of landmines, accurate demining and rehabilitation. The organization is based upon the guidance of a board of directors, which handles the foundation's business and capital, and a board of trustees, which advises the board of directors and gives the foundation a set of business regulations to follow. The only other authority over Sankt Barbara is that of the Luneburg government, which requires the directors to keep them informed of projects and problems as well as to turn in a yearly balance with a financial outline of the money spent. This ensures that every penny is saved for the demining and rehabilitation process for countries in need. Throughout the course of its ascension in the demining field, Sankt Barbara has worked hard and trained hundreds of new deminers in order to clear as much land as possible, as quickly as possible. Its purpose is to make new and improved advancements in the medical care of war victims, orphans and those who were disabled due to circumstances beyond their control as well as working on economic issues within the developing country. 


The mission of the organization is to remove as many landmines as possible so that there are fewer victims. Coinciding with its goal of demining, it also focuses on assistance for native people and their lands in the hopes that the people can resume their normal lives. It is also involved with the medical care and rehabilitation of mine victims. The people of Stiftung Sankt Barbara work together to ensure that adequate help and attention is focused on the victims' integration back into society and education on how to care for and handle the prostheses. 

Current Projects

There are several locations in which Stiftung Sankt Barbara is working, but Angola and Somaliland are its two major areas of concern. In 1997, it began the quest to remove landmines in Angola. It is currently stationed in the Huila Province of Angola at Hoque where it is demining a large mine field on the side of a hill filled with old Russian mines. This crusade is funded by the Italian Embassy with a staff of 30. Another chief site in Angola is Camp Xangongo, a logistic base staffed by 12, located in the Cunene province and funded by a coalition of German companies. At this site, it is working to demine agricultural lands for the surrounding communities. They, too, are plagued by old Russian mines. Most of the landmines were produced in China, Romania or Russia, but some were brought from Germany, South Africa and the U.S. 
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