Issue 4.2 | June 2000
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INTERSOS is an Italian based organization founded in 1992, by a group of individuals who had already been dedicating years of aid and understanding to victims in developing countries. INTERSOS is a non-profit, independent organization that works to support public and private institutions that share its same perspective in aiding the victims of humanitarian tragedies across the world. It is also a member of the European Coordination VOICE (Voluntary Organizations In Cooperation in Emergencies) and a member of the project SOLIDEA that is a part of the Italian Trade Unions special interrelations. The organization’s primary goals focus on the appropriate skills needed to help the victims of landmine and other disasters. The group is based upon solidarity and “professionality,” so that it can work quickly and efficiently to cover as much ground as possible. Since 1992, INTERSOS has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the European Commission. Both of these organizations, along with several other humanitarian organizations, support the gallant efforts of these individuals.

Primary Goals

The main goal of INTERSOS is to immediately respond to all types of disasters and to bring aid to the victims of armed conflict, drought, famine and landmine explosions. Through its fight to save more lives, INTERSOS also works to restore the normalcy of everyday life before these conflicts arise. INTERSOS believes the most efficient way to enlist outside help is to tell the public and let them contribute to the local associations as well as the overall cause. One aspect that INTERSOS prides itself on is following a strict non-sexual, racial or ethnic discrimination policy. All of the people involved work hard to spread the word of these disasters and enlist as much humanitarian aid as possible.


INTERSOS is an organization supported by several different pillars of contributors such as doctors, nurses, logisticians, administrators, educators and technicians in engineering, sanitation, human settlement, agriculture, electro mechanics and explosive devices. These pillars of INTERSOS work together to attend to the areas devastated by tragedy and left in despair. Financially, INTERSOS is not only supported by its own members' contributions and various individuals but it has also benefited from the help of several different NGOs and other organizations, such as:

  • European Union– ECHO, DG IA, DG VIII
  • Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI)
  • Italian Caritas
  • Trade Unions


Contact Information

VIA Goito, 39 – 00185
Tel: (+39-6) 44.66.710
Fax: (+39-6) 44.69.290
Email: intersos@tin.it




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