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Issue 3.2 | June 1999
Information in this issue may be out of date. Click here to link to the most recent issue.
Feature: International Pilot Project for Technology Cooperation
by Colonel George Zahaczewsky

Humanitarian Mine Action Equipment Catalog - The German Federal Foreign Office
Claim and Reality - Colonel Lionel Dyck
The $64,000 Question - Thorsten Peter of FFG
Mechanical Assistance Systems: What Really Works? - Roger Hess
The Compact 230 MINECAT - Barry Middlemass of Lockwood Beck, Ltd.
Mechanically Assisted Landmine Clearance and Detection - T.R. Gendron
When an Explosion is not an Explosion - Frank Varlen
The Heartlands Group - Heartlands Group
The Swedish Mine Fighter, an Interview with Mattias Willersjo
Humanitarian Demining and Robotics - Baudoin, Acheroy, Piette, Salmon

Report on the Hidden Explosives Workshop: Rovereto, June 1999
by S.H. Salter

Reclaiming the Land, A Veteran Revisits Vietnam
Adopt-A-Minefield - United Nations Association of the United States

Case for the Flail - William E. Green
Minebreaker 2000 Performance Report - Thorsten Peter
Map Driven Platforms - S.H. Salter, CNG Gibson
SMF: The Ultimate Mine Clearance - New Swede Construction Company

BIGAT MiSa1, An Agricultural Machine - Detlef Schultz
Body Protection Systems - Richard L'Abbe
Magnetic Fragment Collection - James Trevelyan

From the Director's Desk - Dennis Barlow
Editorial - Joe Lokey
From the Editor - Margaret Busé

A chronological list of conferences on demining throughout the international community. Links to contacts and sponsoring organizations as well as proceedings of past conferences are provided where available.

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