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The UNA-USA Adopt-A-Minefield Program
By Margaret S. Busé

Issue 3.2 | June 1999
Information in this issue may be out of date. Click here to link to the most recent issue.

The United Nations Association of the United States (UNA-USA) officially launched Adopt-A- Minefield in 1998, in partnership with the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI). It was at that time that Adopt-A-Minefield received the first list of minefields available for adoption from the United Nations. This summer they will launch a comprehensive website on landmines and Adopt-A-Minefield at This extensive website will contain mine information, corresponding links; mine afflicted community profiles, maps, children's information, and more.

The Adopt-A-Minefield program has had startling success since the first minefields were put up for adoption. To date, almost $80,000 has been received in contributions out of a total of $450,000 pledged. The first organization to adopt a minefield was the Committee for Melbourne, Australia. Their funds went towards clearance of a mine-contaminated village in Cambodia. The first U.S. group to adopt was the New Canaan, Connecticut Adopt-A-Minefield initiative. "We have incredible amounts of requests for information," states Alexandra Lagelee`, Program Coordinator for Adopt-A-Minefield.

A recent grant for $140,000 from the U.S Department of State has been used by Adopt-A-Minefield to develop the website as well as educational materials, including the Adopt-A-Minefield Catalog. The catalog lists minefield location, description, size, clearance, demining resources and price of clearance for the minefields in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, and Mozambique. Recently, UNA-USA received a $250,000 grant from the Better World Fund to support the development of the Adopt-A-Minefield Program

There are plans to add other countries to the Adopt-A-Minefield list. Sri Lanka and Laos may be considered. Unfortunately, Angola had to be put on hold until the conflict there is resolved. When the UN is able to resume operations in Angola, Angolan minefields will be added to the Adopt-A-Minefield list. "We work with the UN to select suitable minefields for the program." states Oren Schlein, Director of the Adopt-A-Minefield Program.

UNA-USA and HDI expect to raise one to two million dollars for the clearance of landmines this year. "Ultimately, we hope that Adopt-A-Minefield will raise ten million dollars for this cause. In addition we want to raise as much public awareness of the issue as possible, among individuals, grassroots organizations, schools, religious organizations and corporations. " states Lageleé.

UNA President, Ambassador William Luers, who was appointed in February 1999, wants to make Adopt-A-Minefield a signature program for UNA-USA and all its chapters. Adopt-A-Minefield hopes to increase landmine awareness and education programs, tap the huge potential for involving U.S and international organizations in the landmine issue and continue the practical aspect of committing finances to solve the landmine problem.






Adopt-a-Minefield Adoptions (11 May 1999)
Minefield Location Donor City Field ID Price
Afghanistan - Surpoza UNA Minnesota Chapter Minneapolis, MN 52 $31,667* ($95,000 - 3 units)
Bosnia - Doboj UNA Santa Cruz Chapter Santa Cruz, CA 66 $38,000
Bosnia - Golubic-Kosirnica 1 UNA NW Connecticut Chapter South Kent, CT 58 $24,706* (617,647 - 25 units)
Cambodia -- Boeng Krosal Individual Contribution Port Washington, NY 75 $30,000
Cambodia -- Koh Krahloh Committee for Melbourne Melbourne, Australia 16 $27,000
Cambodia -- Phum Thmei New Canaan, CT Adopt-a-Minefield New Canaan, CT 17 $46,500
Croatia -- Dragalic Roots of Peace San Rafeal, CA 90 $30,000
Croatia -- Pakrac, Kusonje Presbytery of Hudson River Scarsdale, NY 81 $25,500
Mozambique -- Aldeia 25 June UNA Atlanta Chapter Atlanta, GA 107 $41,000
Mozambique -- Chicualacuala UNA Central Pennsylvania Chapter Mechanicsburg, PA 106 $33,600
Mozambique -- Matutuine Amy Newmark Greenwich, CT 104 $26,500* ($265,000 - 10 units)
Mozambique -- Matutuine UNA Colorado Division Boulder, CO 104 $26,500* ($265,000 - 10 units)
Mozambique -- Matutuine Warren & Beatruce Steinberg (& Pooled Contributions) Washington, DC 104 $26,500* ($265,000 - 10 units)
Mozambique -- Matutuine UNA Greater St. Louis Chapter St. Louis, MO 104 $26,500* ($265,000 - 10 units)