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Issue 3.2 | June 1999
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From The Editor's Desk

-Margaret S. Busé

Signing on as Editor of the Journal of Mine Action has been an interesting experience. Getting an online and print publication up and running, from start to finish, has been intense. Conversations with individuals from all areas of the land mine community have been enlightening, engaging and thought provoking. Many of the contractors I had an opportunity to talk with expressed sincere dedication to landmine removal. They also expressed concern. Many spoke of the differences between policy and reality, between feasibility and research and the daunting task of a 99.6% clearance rate as dictated by the United Nations.

Some willingly aired their views about such issues, others chose to comment "off-the-record." What was a shared and unifying force for everyone involved in this issue was the keen responsibility to destroy and eradicate landmines so that people can get on with their lives, so towns can become economically viable, so that children can play free from harm.

As a writer and researcher, I have never had the pleasure of managing the administrative and publishing aspects of a journal. As a journalist, editors were the proverbial voice behind the curtain screaming about deadlines. They were the people who sent you to places you did not want to go, and bounced your articles back to you covered in so much red ink, that you initially think their pen must have exploded.

My position as Editor is and will be more hands on. I will be writing articles, interviewing and traveling to get the best information for the Journal. I also will be streamlining our publication process so that the Journal will be printed both online and hardcopy in a consistent and timely manner. Our, next issue, victim and survivor assistance, will mark an important milestone in the Journal's history. We plan on printing a hardcopy in tandem with our online edition.

Underlying this publication intensity is the unrelenting commitment to bring the audience the best possible information, news, writing, photographs and articles on the intended subject. This responsibility can not be taken lightly. Honest, forthright, intellectually stimulating reporting and dispensing of information in a timely manner is a difficult job, but the staff is dedicated to improving this process with every issue.

The Journal, has and will continue to be, a publication that the landmine community can count on to bring them the latest technology, the latest news, statistics, issues, successes and shortfalls effecting and influencing the global landmine community. To do this, we need the support of the whole landmine village, from government agencies, the NGO's, policy makers, contractor's, the humanitarian organizations and the individuals in the field directly helping the countries and people effected by the landmine crisis.

Our Call for Papers is an integral part of the Journal, because it is calling to the landmine community to be involved with disseminating that information. We want to be made aware of current activities, issues and challenges; technologies and research so that we can make the community aware of the issues that are and will effect us all.

We encourage submissions as long as they are not political statements. We are not looking or expecting writing that will give Ernest Hemingway a run for his money. We also will publish papers on topics that have been given at conferences. If you left your laptop at home, but have information you want to contribute, give us a call, our staff will get the information out.

Submission guidelines are important to follow because they unify the submissions received into readable text, make them available for easier editing and updating and clarify the publication process. Our Call for Papers and submission guidelines are indexed on the Journal's Table of Contents.

The Journal is and will continue to be the voice of the landmine community. We will do our best to make all reasonable voices heard.