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Issue 2.3 | October, 1998


Information in this issue may be out of date. Click here to link to the most recent issue.

This issue's Features Section focuses on the demining process. In Data Standardization, Thomas Powell of Labblee Corporation, describes how the standardization of demining databases will help make valuable information available to all demining efforts.

Andrew Smith discusses in The Future of Humanitarian Demining whether demining will proceed in a charitable or commercial direction. He also discusses the common misconceptions of demining in Myths, Mines, and Ground Clearance.

Joe Lokey, in Strengthening Humanitarian Demining and Related Activities, discusses how the demining process can be made more effective by looking at the comparative advantages.

A. Aziz Ahmadzai, of the Mine Clearance Planning Agency, examines data collection in Afganistan in his article, Aim and Objectives of the Landmine Victims Data Collection. He then applies his findings to other demining efforts by suggesting methods for promoting future mine awareness.

The final feature, Demining Technologies, looks at the current technology of demining and how it can be improved to create a more efficient campaign.


Biosensor Applications

InterSOS Activity in Humanitarian Demining


From the Director's Desk, The Impact of the Washington 2010 Conference

From the Deputy Director's Desk, And They Killed No Enemy: Taiwan’s Landmines

Calendar and  Activities

Joe Lokey provides News and Notes.

This section updates the demining community on demining activities. The Demining Conference Schedule gives information about upcoming conferences related to demining.