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Issue 2.3 | October 1998
Information in this issue may be out of date. Click here to link to the most recent issue.

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

One of the more interesting web sites we've come across recently is the Journal of Humanitarian Assistance published at the University of Cambridge edited by Dr Jim Whitman, Dr Chris Alden, and David Pocock. Please visit their site at or Email them at They offer some unique services and information that is difficult to find in on-line form.

Pulsed Detonation Wave (PDW) Technology

Researchers at the Hypersonic Weapons and Air Breathing Propulsion Lab at the Naval Air warfare Center Division-China Lake are investigating a propulsion system that might be applicable to clearing landmines using pulsed detonation wave technology. This is expected to produce overpressure through frequency controlled detonation or dud the mine. If anyone has any information or data regarding vulnerability to overpressure and resonance in the common mine types, contact Steve Lyda, Director, at (760) 939-7395 or by email at

Landmine-related books now in print

The center has recently received notification of two books dealing with landmines that we hope many of you will add to your library:

The History of Landmines, by Mike Croll, published by Pen & Sword Books Limited, Freepost SF5, 47 Church Street, Barnesley, South Yorkshire, S70 2BR, UK. Tel: 01226 734222/734555 (24hrs) or Fax: 01226 734438. Copies are 18.95 per copy, Free postage in UK/EEC. Add 2.50 per order for overseas surface or 5.00 per book for airmail. ISBN: 0-85052-628-0. Comments or queries may be directed to Mr. Croll at

Brassey's Essential Guide To: Anti-Personnel Landmines - Recognising & Disarming, by Eddie Banks, Brassey's (UK) Ltd, 33 John Street, London WC1N 2AT, UK. Tel: 171-753-7777, Fax: 171-753-7794, or Email: Price quote is 75 with free postage in the UK, all others add 10%. You can also visit Brassey's on the web at

Landmine-Related Web Sites

Since the last Journal was published, there has been a new site added and one site has undergone a makeover. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is now on-line and the Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) have significantly upgraded and improved their site. Please visit them at the following addresses and let them know what you think:

International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Landmine Survivors Network (LSN)

Bill of Rights for Landmine Survivors

And speaking of Landmine Survivors Network (LSN), they presented Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan a Bill of Rights for Landmine Survivors in Amman on July 11, 1998, at the First Regional Meeting on Landmine Injury and Rehabilitation in the Middle East. You can read it at:

Landmine Monitor Kicks off in Dublin

Landmine Monitor is a civil-society based reporting network for monitoring nations' compliance with the Mine Ban Treaty. As such, it compliments the existing state based compliance and implementation regime and aims to provide a constant flow of standardized and high quality data from the field. The information it seeks is on APL policies in countries to include (a) adherence to conventions, bans, and conventions, (b) support for resolutions, declarations and communiqués, (c) R&D, (d) production (including components), (e) stockpiles, (f) transfer, and (g) use. It also seeks to cover, and build an information infrastructure on the nature of the crisis to include mine incidents, mine victims, mines deployed, mine clearance, mine surveys, mine awareness, care, rehab & reintegration, and socioeconomic reconstruction of mine-laden post-conflict battle areas. If you have any questions about Landmine Monitor, please contact any of the Core Group members at:

Handicap International

Mines Action Canada

Norwegian People's Aid

Human Rights Watch

Kenya Coalition Against Landmines