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Information in this issue may be out of date. Click here to link to the most recent issue.

This issue's Features section focuses on the demining process. In Report on the DeTec-2 Testing in Cambodia, November 18-21 1997, Jean-Daniel Nicoud, Frederic Guerne, and John Brooks describe their testing of a combination metal detector and ground-penetrating radar in realistic demining conditions.

Another technology, robotic mine clearance, is presented in Humanitarian Demining: The Challenge for Robotic Research by Stefan Havlík and Peter Licko. The article discusses the refinement of robotic mine clearance systems to meet the rigid clearance standards of humanitarian demining.

The final feature examines the demining process as a whole. Demining: Enhancing the Process by Major Colin King discusses the people and factors involved in the demining process and suggests ways to improve it.


As in every issue, the profiles highlight important figures and organizations in the demining community. In A Real Survivor: Ken Rutherford, Online Publication Editor, Davey Ahearn provides a glimpse into the life and work of Ken Rutherford, cofounder of the Landmine Survivors Network.

Dennis Barlow, HDIC Director, introduces us to the Countermine Training Support Center. Founded by the U.S. Army Engineer School, the center offers courses vital to the demining community.


The editorials offer the journal's opinions and insights on a variety of demining issues. Dennis Barlow, HDIC Director, provides his analysis of the demining policy initiated by Secretaries Albright and Cohen in "Demining 2010"-A Challenge to the Demining Community.

In What of Chechnya? Joe Lokey, HDIC Deputy Director, gives voice to the seldom heard of and tragic mine situation in Chechnya.

From the Field

This new addition to the journal allows others in the demining community to present their opinions and insights on demining issues. In A Call for Standardized Data: the Demining 2010 Initiative Conference as an Opportunity for Consensus, researcher C. Jared Coffin urges that, during the upcoming conference, the demining community work toward agreement on methods of data collection.

In Anatomy of a Program: UNA-USA Takes on Landmines, Melanie Velez and Bill Rigler describe the "Adopt-a-Minefield" program that evolved from the December 1997 Ottawa conference. Humanitarian Demining: Ten Years of Lessons offers advice and insight based on RONCO Consulting Corporation's 10 years of experience in humanitarian demining.

Calendar and  Activities

This section updates the demining community on demining activities. The Demining Conference Schedule gives information about upcoming conferences related to demining.

In addition, reports from various U.S. commands describe ongoing demining efforts around the world. This issue of the Journal contains reports from CENTCOM, PACOM, and SOUTHCOM.

News and Notes

This issue's News & Notes section offers links to a Landmine Who's Who and a Landmine Bibliography both compiled by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). There are links to sites within the R&D and technology communities answering the question, "What Do Deminers Need?" There are links to the International Development Network (IDN), Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC), as well as information regarding humanitarian demining training offered by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

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