3-D Printed Landmines and Mine Clearance Tools

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3-D printing offers an inexpensive, customizable, mine action training solution to militaries and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams. 3-D printers use digital files to create objects, such as simulated landmines, with layers of molten plastic.1 The mine replicas can be wired to blast simulators to train personnel in a safe, controlled environment.2,3,4

British design engineer Chris Natt recently created 3-D-printed, simulated mines for training purposes.4 These simulated mines are placed in the ground and if triggered, emit a loud bang and flashing lights.5 One newly-created simulated 3-D-printed YM-1 mine, when triggered, sends a wireless signal to a box and sets off a siren.6 Most 3-D printed, simulated landmines are customizable and print quickly. They are not yet mass-produced.1,6

For more information about simulated landmines, see “Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials,” by Allen Tan in Issue 18.2 of The Journal of ERW and Mine Action. In his article, Tan describes various replicated learning tools used for a hands-on experience in EOD education.7 c

~ Julie Stern, CISR staff

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