In Remembrance: Lawal Johnson

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Lawal Johnson

With great sadness, Novetta Solutions announces the unexpected death of Lawal Johnson, who died 2 January 2013. As a software developer and technical program manager working on the Information Management System for Mine Action program on behalf of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, Johnson played an essential role in the development and fielding of IMSMA. She began working in mine action in 2002, first as a software developer and later as the technical program manager responsible for leading the IMSMA development team.

Johnson touched the lives of many in the mine action community through her work providing advanced IMSMA field support and data migration to IMSMA users. Many may not have noticed her behind-the-scenes influence as a tireless and devoted advocate for IMSMA users, but Johnson’s far-reaching impact on the information-management community affected a large number of mine action programs over the years.

Johnson is survived by her husband, Tim, and son, Andrew. The mine action community, GICHD and the Novetta Solutions-FGM family will miss her friendship, passion, commitment and dedicated service. “Lawal's exceptional skills as a software developer and project manager coupled with her devotion to the mine action cause were key to the success of IMSMA NG,” says Daniel Eriksson, GICHD head of management consulting. “She will be missed as a friend and colleague by all of us in the information-management team at GICHD.” c

~Contributed by Noah Klemm, GICHD.