Geneva Call Launches First ANSA Database

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In November 2012 Geneva Call launched "Their Words,” an information database. The database provides published commitments and internal rules and regulations of armed non-state actors. Issues such as the protection of children and civilian populations, the use of anti-personnel mines and compliance with the Geneva Convention are made public and accessible.

The publication of commitments and rules written by and for ANSAs is intended to encourage other non-state actors to enact and follow regulations that ensure the protection of civilian populations. The database provides examples in various contexts of how these codes can be created and implemented. For example, the Syrian rebellion seeks to create a code of conduct for its current efforts. The database provides the means for the Syrian rebels to research codes of conduct and take examples from other ANSAs.

The database is organized by topic/theme and geographic location of ANSAs. To access the database, use the following link: c

~by Paige Ober, CISR staff

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