IKMAA and GDMA Merge

KRG Deputy Prime Minister, Imad Ahmad, announces final merger of IKMAA and GDMA, 29 May 2012. KRG Deputy Prime Minister, Imad Ahmad, announces final merger of IKMAA and GDMA, 29 May 2012.
Photo courtesy of CISR.

Although KRG funded and managed IKMAA and GDMA, the two organizations remained separate entities until Deputy Prime Minister Imad Ahmad announced the two organizations would merge on 29 May 2012 during a commemorative ceremony at IKMAA’s Erbil headquarters. The new entity retains the name IKMAA.

At the ministerial level, Siraj Barzani and Ali Hamad Wossu were appointed as head and deputy head, respectively, of IKMAA. IKMAA now has four mine action centers located in the Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk governorates, and the Garmian administration.1 In the past, IKMAA could not verify which minefields other organizations cleared due to lack of synchronized data. The unification of IKMAA and GDMA will likely reduce such issues in the future.

A unified mine action annual budget was submitted to KRG for 2013. In addition, IKMAA formed a mine action accreditation board. Applicants must be accredited to perform mine clearance projects in the Kurdistan region.2 The IKMAA and GDMA merger combines human capital, information and resources to create efficiency in mine action. Eliminating mines will reduce the number of victims, increase individual safety and create potential for economic growth. According to Rafat Babaker Abdullah, director of implementation for IKMAA, the merger will enable IKMAA to better develop effective long-term strategies and successfully achieve its long-term goals.3 globe

~ Daniel Braun, CISR staff


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