In Remembrance: John Noftsinger


John Noftsinger HRH Prince Mired R.Z. Al-Hussein, John Noftsinger, HRH Prince Raad Ben Zaid and former CISR Director Dennis Barlow at the Explosive Remnants of War International Senior Managers' Training Course in Jordan in 2009.
Photo courtesy of JMU COB.

Dr. John B. Noftsinger, Jr., Vice Provost for Research and Public Service at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va., U.S., died suddenly of an apparent heart attack at the age of 48 on 10 November 2011. Many mine-action managers knew him through his supervision and support of the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery.

Noftsinger played an essential role in helping to establish CISR’s predecessor, the Mine Action Information Center, a clearinghouse for landmine remediation information. Over the years he continued to be a strong MAIC supporter and oversaw its transition to CISR in 2008. He was also instrumental in the development and expansion of several other JMU programs.

Noftsinger’s reach was far and wide. He participated several times in CISR’s Senior Managers’ Course at JMU, where he enjoyed meeting and talking to the participants, visiting the classroom, and supporting the SMC events and ceremonies. In 2009, Noftsinger and several faculty members from JMU’s College of Business were involved in the National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation’s Explosive Remnants of War Training Course in Jordan, and he spoke on behalf of JMU and CISR at the closing ceremony.

A graduate of JMU with a double major in political science and public administration, and a minor in business administration, Noftsinger taught at JMU for more than two decades. During those years he also completed his doctorate at the University of Virginia. He was an author, presenter and consultant in the fields of strategic alliances, economic development, homeland security, public policy, higher education and leadership. He was an equally active member of the Shenandoah Valley community, coaching youth sports and volunteering for many local organizations, including the Boy Scouts.

A memorial service was held in Harrisonburg on 12 November 2011. He is survived by his wife Cindy and his three sons Joshua, Zachary and Jacob, as well as a large extended family. The mine-action community, local community, JMU and the CISR staff will miss his dedicated service and support. Dr. Ken Rutherford, Director of CISR, said, “John was a well-respected leader not only at JMU and CISR, but also in our community and the broader global community. John was instrumental in encouraging development in the Shenandoah Valley, was a passionate administrator, and played a defining role in establishing the Mine Action Information Center at JMU. CISR and the mine-action community will miss his friendship and leadership.” J

~Amy Crockett, CISR staff

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