Letter to the Editor


Dear Ms. Carter Fay:

JEMAPlease find enclosed and completed your reader-response survey as published in The Journal of ERW and Mine Action, Issue 14.1, Spring 2010.

I feel it is important to introduce myself and say a few words about The Journal.

Like many of your subscribers, I have a military background. I hold dual citizenship and have served in both the British and Canadian Armies. My British service includes successful completion of the Ammunition Technical Officer’s Course. On graduating from the Number 29, Ammunition Technical Officer’s Course in February 1990, my ordnance service commenced with performing ammunition duties at forward British Army on the Rhine storage sites. In December 1990, I deployed to Saudi Arabia for what developed into the 1991 Gulf War. During my deployment to the Arabian Peninsula, I served as a staff officer addressing ordnance issues. On returning to Germany, I continued to perform a wide range of ordnance duties, including the decommissioning of several forward ammunition storage sites. When the civil war broke out in the Republic of Yugoslavia, I deployed as part of Britain’s U.N. mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I served seven months in BiH, performing diverse ordnance duties, including explosive-remnants-of-war removal.

In 2003, having returned to Canada, I had a chance to meet with a former colleague and was asked to join the Canadian Army. On joining, I performed a range of ordnance duties, including serving with the Office for Improvised Explosive Ordnance Devices at NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2007.

I have been receiving your publication for several years. I feel you fill an important void in the “horrid” business of demining. I use the word “horrid” regretfully, as too many 20th and 21st century wars have left behind live ordnance affecting local populations that struggle with ERW’s constant threat. …

I feel The Journal presents a balanced and technical response regarding demining. To your credit, I retain all back issues of The Journal as a resource library. J

~Michael E. Lambert [ Former Ammunition Technical Officer, Canadian Army and British Army ]

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