Clearing Cluster Bombs on the Ho Chi Minh Trail Video Wins CNN Award

CNN announced the video Clearing Cluster Bombs on the Ho Chi Minh Trail as winner of the CNN iReport Community Choice Award on 15 March 2011 for best iReport submitted in 2010. The four-minute news report compiled by reporter Samantha Bolton and the Cluster Munition Coalition, with help from an independent video-production team, was released in November 2010 at the First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Covering Lao PDR’s history of contamination, the video provides personal glimpses into the lives of people injured, maimed and affected economically by cluster bombs. Additionally, it highlights the clearance initiatives of governments and international organizations, while addressing the slow demining progress caused by a lack of financial resources and aid needed to remove Laos’ estimated 80 million remaining unexploded bomblets. For more information visit J

~Megan Sarian, CISR staff

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