In Remembrance: HALO Staff Killed by AT Mine

by Eric Wuestewald [ Center for International Stabilization and Recovery ]

Hussein Abdi Muhumed, driver for The HALO Trust, and HALO deminer Yousuf Xirsi Bashe were killed when their vehicle detonated an anti-tank mine while returning from work in the Dabogoroyaale minefield of Somaliland on 12 April 2010. Two other HALO staff, Section Commander Abdirahman Ismail Aden and deminer Hassan Dol Ali, were also injured in the accident. The explosion is HALO’s first mine-related death in their 10 years of clearance in Somaliland.

The incident occurred along a well-traveled stretch of road previously declared mine-safe. As a result, it is unclear who emplaced the landmine or how it went unnoticed. HALO, the police and the Somaliland Mine Action Centre are all currently conducting investigations into the accident, and HALO stressed that no further statements can be made until these investigations are over.

In another incident, one landmine clearance expert was killed and another seriously injured while clearing mines at Mt. Igman in Bosnia in April. Police said the wounded man suffered from pieces of shrapnel in his neck and face but was hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries. j