Half of Nepali Minefields Cleared


Nepal has successfully cleared half of the minefields laid during a decade-long internal conflict. Media reports credit the United Nations and local agencies for supporting national demining efforts, which began two years ago. Clearance and victim assistance were major components of the 2007 peace accord between the government of Nepal and the Unified Community Party of Nepal.

Government forces laid more than 50 minefields during the conflict, and contamination from other ordnance was extensive. Rebel forces were also responsible for contamination, and the lingering effects of explosive remnants of war are still felt.

Three demining units from the Nepali Army, with support from the United Nations, have cleared 26 fields and plan to clear remaining fields by the end of 2011. According to media reports, 52,617 pieces of ordnance have been disposed of since clearance began in 2007.