Letter from the Director

By Dennis Barlow [Center for International Stabilization and Recovery]

Dennis BarlowDear Readers,

As the end of another year approaches, we at the CISR hope 2009 has been productive and successful for you. We are very pleased with the growth in circulation and substantive changes we have made to The Journal this year, and are grateful for the contributions and feedback we receive from you, our readers. You may have noticed that the print version of our current issue has been modified a bit in its design. Please let us know what you think of the new layout and any other suggestions you have regarding The Journal—we are always looking to improve!

This issue includes an editorial I have written about the Ottawa Convention and appropriate endstates for mine clearance. I’m putting forth one opinion, but we would like to hear yours. It’s easy for you to tell us—there is an online survey to accompany the article. Please see the survey Web link in the article that begins on page 4 and then follow the instructions to complete this quick and important opinion survey.

Also in this edition is a special report section on improvised explosive devices. This topic has grown increasingly important as IEDs have a profound relationship to mine action and UXO functions, as well as affecting broader stability and development activities. We hope these articles are informative and useful. To stay up to date on breaking IED news, visit the IED News section of our Web site (http://www.jmu.edu/cisr). Be sure to visit The Journal’s wonderful selection of online-only content to complement what is provided in the print version.

I hope you enjoy this edition!

Dennis Barlow, Director
Mine Action Information Center
Center for International Stabilization and Recovery
James Madison University
E-mail: maic@jmu.edu