Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine

Reviewed by Simon Smith [Center for International Stabilization and Recovery]

Published by the Fria Society for Mine Action Professionals
Available to subscribers at no charge
Printed in Kurdish, English and Arabic

In 2007, the Fria Society for Mine Action Professionals published the inaugural issue of Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine. Founded in 2006, the FSMAP, a nongovernmental, nonprofit group based in Iraqi Kurdistan, began publishing the magazine out of a desire to improve training, education, and information-sharing among Kurdistan’s mine-action professionals. According to the magazine’s publisher and FSMAP Director, Jamal J. Hussein, the magazine “is the single mine-action magazine that publishes mine-action news and issues related to mine action in (the) Kurdish language in the region.” The magazine’s staff is comprised of a core group of FSMAP-affiliated mine-action professionals, including Editor-in-chief Gaylan K. Anwer. The magazine is currently circulated free of charge among 500–650 FSMAP members as well as members of the Kurdish government and mine-action professionals throughout Iraq.

Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine

In order to achieve its goal, Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine publishes articles on a wide array of topics related to mine action. The articles range from translations of common mine-action sector documents, such as International Mine Action Standards, technical manuals and the Ottawa Convention, to articles regarding techniques and methods that apply to demining and mine-risk education. Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine also contains interviews with mine-action professionals, updates on mine-action efforts in Kurdistan and editorials on issues facing the Kurdish mine-action community. For example, the 2008–09 issue of the magazine contained articles about the relationship between landmines and pollution, mine-risk education, new demining technologies, victim assistance and rehabilitation.

Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine is primarily funded by FSMAP. The magazine’s fourth issue was published and 500 copies were circulated in August 2009. Hussein invites those interested in receiving a copy of the magazine to email him with their name, address and organizational affiliation. Many of the articles are written in English and Arabic but some have no English translations. Consequently, the language of publication limits its readership. (The next issue will only have articles written in Arabic and Kurdish). Nevertheless, Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine is an excellent resource for mine-action professionals in Kurdistan, Iraq and other Kurdish-speaking areas of the world. J


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