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As an independent journal, we provide topics that stimulate conversations. We give the mine-action community a place to sound off. Every issue brings us rants and raves—happily, usually many more raves than rants. We're sharing some of them here.

I am writing to you in my capacity as Austcare's Mine Action Officer. I have just read with interest your article in the Winter 2006 edition of the JMA, "The Mine Action Express ... or the Wreck of the '09." These indeed are the issues I, along with other mine-action practitioners, am having to tackle and it was very helpful to have you spell it all out so clearly.

~ James Turton, Mine Action Officer, Austcare

Thanks for your recent piece on cluster munitions in Lebanon. We're finally beginning to make progress!

~ Virgil O. Wiebe, Director of Clinical Education & Associate Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all of you ... for publishing my "Unsung Hero" profile in the Journal of Mine Action. The article was written in a very interesting and touching manner. I received a lot of e-mails from many people who read the article, and this made me more motivated to do an excellent job. The MAIC's publications show the real risk, sweat, hope and goals of the mine-action community. You are so close to us, as if touching our shoulder in the field.

Attending the Senior Managers Training Course in Harrisonburg, Virginia, gave me very important knowledge and skills that I still use and share with my colleagues.

Once again, on behalf of Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action, I highly appreciate all of your efforts in mine action.

~ Elnur Gasimov, TQA Team Leader, ANAMA

The authors of the article "Visor Scratch Repair and Prevention" (JMA, Issue 10.2, pages 96–99) and the editorial staff of the Journal of Mine Action would like to note that this article details the first phase of a two-phase project. The part of the project described in the article identifies methods for scratch removal and reduction from visors, while the second phase, focusing on testing whether the methods reduce the protective properties of the visor material, has not been conducted. The authors have detailed their experimental procedures so that others can understand their work, and they encourage those involved in scientific testing and evaluation of demining equipment to test their methods and to compile statistical data to assess the effects of the methods identified and the subsequent capabilities of the treated visors. At present, there is concern that the properties of the visor material may be adversely affected so that it becomes brittle and a hazard to safety.

~ Andrew Heafitz and Benjamin Linder, Authors, and Lois Carter Fay, Editor-in-Chief, JMA

Dražen Simunović
Dražen Simunović

In the Journal of Mine Action, Issue 10.2, you published the text on "Explosive Remnants of War in the Republic of Croatia" by Mr. Dražen Simunović, but instead of his picture on the end of the text you put the picture of Mr. Nikola Gambiroza.

~ Sandra Kuzmic, Organizational Affairs Adviser, CROMAC–Croatian Mine Action Centre

Editor's Note: We apologize for putting in the wrong photo for this article. We corrected it in the online edition as soon as we were alerted to the problem. The correct photo of Mr. Simunović appears to the left.

The JMA staff also would like to draw our readers' attention to the profile of Cambodia, which appeared in Issue 10.2 online version of the Journal only. Julien Chevillard, former Mine Action Project Manager for UNDP Cambodia, let us know there were several incorrect facts in the original version, and we have not only corrected the problems, but also greatly expanded the article. We wish to thank Mr. Chevillard and Mr. Steve Munroe for helping us correct this article. We encourage you to read the revised profile of Cambodia at http://www.jmu.edu/cisr/journal/10.2/profiles/cambodia/cambodia.shtml.

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