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Global Care Unlimited - Tenafly High School

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Who we are... Global Care Unlimited is a student-led mine action organization designed to foster community support in the global fight against landmines. Global Care's organizational structure develops student leadership in the service of the humanitarian ideals of nonviolence, compassion, and selfless service. Global Care and its students foster the participation of all segments of local communities, including educators, parents, politicians, and other partner organizations. What we do... Global Care Unlimited's Mine Action Initiatives focus on the goal of making tangible differences in the lives of persons living in mine-affected communities. Students teach their peers and adults about the scourge of landmines, raise funds for mine clearance and victims' assistance, and work with foreign governments and international organizations to increase international support for mine action. Global Care Unlimited has three major Mine Action Initiatives: The Youth Coalition for Mine Action - Provides educational resources for promoting youth leadership in local, regional and nationwide mine action initiatives. The Landmine Removal Initiative educates communities about landmines and raises money for humanitarian demining. The Mine Victims Assistance Program provides funds for job training and the socioeconomic reintegration of mine victims.

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P.O. Box 923
Tenafly, NJ 07670


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  • Other
  • Advocacy and Diplomacy
  • Humanitarian Coordination
  • Awareness

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  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Japan
  • Kenya

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