Area Contact
CISE IT Support Livia Griffith
Chrissy Rothgeb
Building Manager Trevor Cockburn
Center for Materials Science and Clean Room David Lawrence
Electronics Shop Joseph Rudmin
Engineering/ISAT: Advanced Fluids Lab Mark Showalter
Engineering: Chemical Lab Safety Scott Padgett
Engineering: Circuits and Instrumentation George Lovell
Engineering: Fluids and Materials Scott Padgett
Engineering: Lab Management John Wild
Engineering: Mechanics and Circuits Scott Padgett
Engineering: Project Labs and Machining John Wild
ISAT: Applied Biotechnology Laura Lambert
ISAT Chemical Lab Safety Kyle Snow
ISAT: Energy and Instrumentation Joseph Rudmin
ISAT: Engineering and Manufacturing Mark Showalter
ISAT: Environment Kyle Snow
ISAT: Geographic Science Chrissy Rothgeb
Lab Systems and Servers (Specialized) Livia Griffith
Machine Shop Mark Starnes
Safety Support Scott Padgett

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