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"Get the "B" Attitude"

PHOTO: March of Dimes Campaign

JMU Nursing Students & March of Dimes collaborate for Folic Acid Awareness Week October 13th-17th, 2003.

That's "B" for the B vitamin folic acid. Folic acid may help prevent birth defects in a baby's brain and spinal cord- such as spina bifida (an inability to walk) and anencephaly (incomplete development of the baby's brain and skull resulting in death). But you have to take it every day before you get pregnant or even begin to think about pregnancy to prevent these neural system defects.

To get enough- 400 micrograms- take a multivitamin every day and eat a healthy diet full of foods rich in folic-acid: orange juice, green leafy veggies, and fortified/"enriched" breakfast cereals.

Folic acid is good for your health, too. Some studies suggest it may help fight heart disease and cervical and colon cancers.

Be on the lookout for flyers, ribbons, and free stuff throughout campus, classrooms, Harrisonburg transit, campus radio WXJM 88.7 and pick up The Breeze for more information about Folic Acid Awareness Week.

So, get the "B" attitude. It's easy and it works.

Call: 888-MODIMES
Visit: www.marchofdimes.com