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Presidential Scholarship*

freshman chemistry major

in-state tuition or the in-state portion of out-of-state tuition for freshman year; student assistant position for sophomore, junior & senior years

Casali Scholarship*

freshman chemistry major

$1000 per semester for four semesters; student assistant position starting freshman year

Chappell Scholarship

outstanding junior chemistry major who plans a career in the medical or educational field


*To be eligible for either the Presidential or Casali scholarship, you must apply to JMU before November 15 and indicate on your application that you will be majoring in Chemistry. Those students who receive Early Action admission or have high SAT scores will be invited to visit our campus and participate in our scholarship examination. During your visit, you and your parents will tour the chemistry department, talk to faculty and current chemistry majors, and eat lunch in the dining hall.


In addition to the departmental scholarships, the university has the following scholarship opportunities:

Freshman Merit Scholarships coordinated by the Office of Admissions

JMU Foundation Scholarships awarded by Financial Aid