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National Science Foundation

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

James Madison University
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2011 REU

Faculty participants and the student members of their groups for Summer 2011 include:

Dr. Donna Amenta and John Gilje (Organic / Inorganic)

Duane Bock

Dr. Brycelyn Boardman (Materials)

Brian Reeves

Dr. Costel Constantine (Materials Physics)

Matthew Chamberlin

Dr. Kevin Caran (Organic)

Jhosdyn Barragan
Ivan Liapin
Daniel Moon
Misha Salim
Casey Rogers

Dr. Daniel Downey (Analytical)

Mae Alex Carpenter
Phillip Chambers
Alesha May
Joline McNeese
Michael Morris
Allison Wickham

Dr. Daniel Havey (Physical)

Victoria Adawalla
Chae Jeon
Eric Vess
Colin Wallace

Dr. Christine Hughey (Analytical)

Brian Huffman
Rima Janusziewicz
Jenny Phung

Dr. Kevin Minbiole

Allison Blackman
Robby Davis
Melissa Grenier

Dr. Gina Macdonald (Biochemistry)

Mika Bennett-Fraychineaud
Karen Corbet
Brittany Danzig
Jarvis Mitchum
Caitlyn Siemens

Dr. Debra Mohler (Biochemistry)

Jindong Kang
Alesha May
Michelle Rudman
Brooke Stevens

Dr. Barbara Reisner (Inorganic)

Scott Steehler

Dr. Yanjie Zhang (Physical)

Justin Hagerman

The above students and faculty are supported by grants from The National Science Foundation, The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, The Petroleum Research Fund, Research Corporation, The US Forest Service and by matching funds from James Madison University and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.